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  3. Congratulations man, hope I get to know you more and good luck to you. Anything that I can do to help, feel free to ask me.
  4. Thanks buddy, lets play some siege soon.
  5. Congratulations to you! I’ve known you for a few years and I know you’re gonna rock the task!
  6. Thank you for the great opportunity to not only partake in this clan, but help guide it. Some of you know me, and some of you don't, so I'm gonna give a little bit of background on myself. I have years of experience with running communities or helping run them. I am more known for my GTA RP skills though. I first met Crazyshooter when he had first opened AceMTA. This was a GTA San Andreas Community he started, and I joined there and role played with him. I had eventually applied to be an administrator there and help enforce the rules on the server and help improve the community grow as much as I could. After the I went to various GTA RP communities and finally ended up at FiveRP where I was a Administrator for them. I handled enforcing rules and deciding on reports and tickets, as well as Public Relations and Advertising. That community had eventually came to an end and me not wanting to go to another decided to create my own community. I branched this off of Ace as well. It was called AceRP. I had brought Crazyshooter on at the time to help me with development. I ran the community as community director and owner. I had my own team put together, including developers and public relations, as well as operations. We were about a month from launching our server when ultimately life hit me pretty hard and I had to shut down the community. I have many certificates and the experience it takes to take on this role, and I'll see to it that the community thrives as much as it can. Also if you are wanting to know who Reagan is on a personal level. I am a single father to a two year old boy named Leo. I also serve in the United States Navy. I am also a Police Officer in the state of Ohio. I love playing just about anything there is, and I still play a lot of GTA V RP. So I implore you if you have any questions or concerns to bring them to me. I have a open door policy. Very Respectfully, Reagan
  7. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Operations Officer Appointed! In what have become very challenging times we have had to make a number of very difficult changes to the structure of the Central Command team recently, to ensure that AceClan continues to prosper. Whilst I am not going to go into all details here, we have now come to a point where we are happy with our path forward, and as part of this path we have recently appointed our new CentCom member, @Reagan! Effective immediately he takes the role of Operations Officer for AceClan.ORG, and the rank of Brigadier General. He has a lot of goals and aims for the clan moving forward, and upon consideration of all applications received for this position he was considered best suited, because of past experience, knowledge and skills as well as things like time and effort that he will bring. This as always is on a fluid probationary period but with the nature of the Central Command role will be dealt with as a team regardless. We wish him luck in his new appointment, and I'll let him explain more below about his intentions. For those who also applied to this role, please do not feel let down, your applications will be held on file and we will reach out soon with other positions we think you may be suitable for!
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  9. Humour

    Tyybud here

    Welcome to the clan!
  10. Tyybud

    Tyybud here

    Awesome, Just applied. Thanks
  11. Reh

    Tyybud here

    Hey man, welcome to ACE Clan Check out: https://forum.aceclan.org/application/ [Clan Enlistment] to apply. Also join our discord server before or after you apply [the mic icon at the top]! Happy Days!
  12. Tyybud

    Tyybud here

    Hey everyone new to the clan, but really excited to be apart of what seems to be a awesome community. Just a little about me, I play mostly Apex on PS4 (psn Tyybud) level 300 and would consider myself (semi pro) without being too cocky haha. I'm 27 and currently live and have grown up in San Diego. I do work quite a lot but am on everyday 6pm-10pm. I do have a mic and love talking and having open conversations while gaming. Feel free to add me and lets play together sometime! Take Care, Tyybud
  13. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Roster Mega-Update Unfortunately due to a multitude of reasons the clan roster updates have sorted of faded out from their normal routine, so this update is one mega update to bring as much as I possibly can back in to line. Please do not trust this thread to be gospel straight away, as I will continue to edit it with each change (or new batches, for example of promotions). Due the master roster being slightly out, some of the below changes may be duplicate announcements. Promotions @zulu attacker Private > Private First Class @Girori Private > Private First Class @Teehee Private First Class > Corporal @Rooster12G Private First Class > Corporal @TheWhiteDragon Private First Class > Corporal @MAGNUM1601 Corporal > Sergeant @Izzee2Sweet Private First Class > Corporal @Lycqn Private > Private First Class @ACE_ZaY2for1 Private First Class > Corporal @vinc Corporal > Sergeant @Distnk Sergeant > Sergeant First Class @LordEvi Master Sergeant > First Sergeant @Edible_igloo Private First Class > Corporal @Humour Second Lieutenant > First Lieutenant Departures @PYXIS @Snapshot @LANX @TechAUmNu @matyas24b @Dogelover5381 @CerberusJRN @PoundThatJonah @Smoky @V1ks @Widget26 @AllRightRoss @ScareCrow @Jamaro @SimpleSAF @Loaf @Nmc2k17 @illuminati @JustAperion @Protagonist Of Protagnists @Perry @Zeff @Bner_rG @AnimeChibis @mrchinesedog @AndyT @Saka @TheOfficialSuyak @YoureCryan @eZ Dripped @Krixen56 @Satori Komeiji @An_Intellectual @AngelDHgg @Pstoollo @Peri @THEHungryBEAR21 @immortal @Phantom @Chaabane @Maineswart2018 @absweet @SkinScud07 @Lochie @GraysonDel @F0rce @Fleeky @RegurKi @EL Grhy @MellowCrown3234 @BIGDADDYABDUL @libro416 @Fury @Blu3 @Helia @Scottsquibbles78 @ClassVGuide @InkedUpMatt @Bjorn12-11 @Gruesomegiant @Kriaturi @032z_ @YCN @Scipio_Marcellus @K.Y.S @Wrightwaygaming @BlackViper @bD4WK1NS @Peekay @LoliThick @iiAntifreeze @Koytoy18 @FuturamaPhill @ScythShot @Ruffrider808 @Gobbiesam @spooky @LiveYourLifeNerd @IYIYIVIYIYI @ThePeaKiller @EpicEquilibrium @Jack La Crack @angredcrown56 @ACE_SilverFang @Harrox127 @Dicaprio @pixelonix @Deadly @Sir-Dome @Mclovin @jrad7171 @ChefHotshot
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  15. ACE CLAN APEX: LEGENDS REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 Promotion and Appointment JustAperion has decided to leave the clan. Therefore, in his place @CAngler will take over his position as the Executive Officer of the Apex Legends Regiment. - @CAngler has been promoted to Sergeant First Class inline with the minimum requirements for the XO position. - @CAngler has been appointed the executive officer [XO] of the Apex Regiment effective immediately
  16. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Operations Officer Role In difficult times, myself and @CrazyShooter are tasked with taking very carefully considered although extremely difficult decisions for the betterment of the clan, and we feel we have recently be drifting aimlessly in an ocean of gamers and clans, but now it is time to change. The Central Command team are the pinnacle of leadership for AceClan, it is our responsibility to ensure the clan continues to grow and thrive, more information is in the link at the end of this thread. In this time of change we have unfortunately had to bid farewell due to time concerns, to our Operations Officer @PYXIS, both myself and Crazy wholly respect her as an individual and for the energy and drive she has brought to the clan, but we feel that to improve the clan's circumstances we need to appoint someone new. So without further ado, I offer out to everyone the ability of contacting me directly via forum PM or Discord, to declare your interest in taking over our Operations Officer role, do not be deceived - in times like this the role will be extremely challenging, but of course also extremely rewarding. It is important you read the below linked threads to gain a comprehensive understanding of where you fit in and what is required of you in this role. Additionally, in a measure that is unprecedented by our current standards, it is up to you to decided the format and content of your application. You will be put on probation, and given the full support to grow into the role, from both myself and @CrazyShooter, subject to passing this probation you will be appointed to the full role and benefits it brings (including Rank).
  17. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Special Action by CentCom Hey everyone, I'm going to keep this short-and-sweet, but there is a lot more news in general to follow soon. We have recently, sadly experienced the loss of @GHOST from the Clan, as a result leaving the Apex C/O position vacant, as we saw an example of @Reh's dedication to the Clan during the time he filled in for @oBIGRON we have agreed with him a regiment transfer effective immediately, and he is also appointed C/O to the regiment. Good luck from all of us in CentCom!
  18. I'm master roshi out here, Crying laughter not tears, Drinking liquor not beer, Seeing pictures not deer, Surpassing all of my fears, Making waves my dear, So that I can be clear, Cause I really do cheer, So my spirit is near, And I really do hear, Like a heart made of spheres, So please don't veer, But I love a good peir, Cause I got clean not weird, Not what you always feared, And I do have a beard, But I can cut it with shears, If that's what you want my seer, Cause I listen my dears, I'd have a baby face peer, So I'd hope you won't leer, Looking younger and mere, Not older and were ~

  19. Congratulations Reh!
  20. Yay I got my rank back Ꮍ℮℮Ꮍ℮℮
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