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  3. Congratulations! promotions are so much fun :)
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  5. You will be missed, it's a shame you had to leave. I am sure you will be welcome back in the future @ACE-Orca1!
  6. Please remember that you can copy your referral link from the Clan Area section of our main website, in the navbar when you're logged in. A recipient of a referral invite must do the below steps, in this order! Register on our website and login to their account. Click your referral link to load the enlistment application. Fill out and submit the form. They can verify the referral worked by checking the "How did you find out about us?" question, as it will say Referred by Username (the username the invite belongs to). If they click the referral link without being logged in this will not count towards your referral quota, we will not amend applications for referrals. Get them to follow the steps or it will not count.
  7. I don't know how I was discharged but I got my perms back
  8. Thanks for everything Orca! Your hard work and dedication will always be in the clan!
  9. Such a shame to see you go, all of your work on our facebook page meant alot, and it really made me feel proud to see it everyday
  10. ACE CLAN COMMAND COUNCIL OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Retirement Ace-Orca1 Want to give a huge thank you to @ACE-Orca1 for all the work he has done in both my department as Content Manager and for the clan. He has been a huge part of setting up our social media and the daily content post and I will forever be grateful for everything he has done. He has decided to step down to focus on school and his daily life. If you ever choose to come back you know I will always keep the door open for you brother. @ACE-Orca1 has retired as Content Manager. Because of all his hard work I have decided to keep him at his current rank and on the Events Team. Thanks again for everything
  11. ACE CLAN APEX: LEGENDS REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 Apex Legends Bi-weekly Promotions Sorry for the delay my good friends, here we are with another promotion for this week. I do hope season 4 is off to a great start for all of of you! Please get some clips submitted of approximately 20-40s so a clan montage can be created (feel free to post them here, or dm @ACE-Orca1 with the clip) Stay ready Legends Promotions going out to: @vinc promoted from Staff Sergeant to Sergeant First Class @1IBMHJH promoted from Corporal to Sergeant @InsertNameHere promoted from Corporal to Sergeant @Aether promoted from Corporal to Sergeant @Giantdwarf promoted from Corporal to Sergeant unfortunately a few have gone astray in the nethers of space and sadly must be released. They would gladly be welcome back if they wish to be part of our family, I understand real life occurs but if you have to be away for extended periods please utilize the LoA Discharges are as follows: @Izzee2Sweet, @queen, @Beeshi, @Conquerings The following are tasked with showing a bit more promise and commitment to the clan. Please engage with your friends through utilizing the forums to share topics of interest in regards to game mechanics or your life. However you would like to indulge Increased engagement needed from: @Teehee, @LordEvi, @MIka LIten, @Ace_DeadShot, Please have a great rest of your week and if you ever need anything, feel free to reach out! I am always available
  12. ACE CLAN EVENTS TEAM OFFICIAL EVENT OR DRAFT EST 2019 Recruitment Event Hey everyone! I am pleased to announce that the first ever AceClan Recruitment Event is now under way! If you notice under the "clan area" on the website there is an option to copy a referral link. Using this link, we can track who invited who. And using this, we will be tracking referrals over the next 30 days. The 3 people with the most invites get prizes!! 1st place gets an AceClan T-Shirt, 2nd place gets an AceClan Mug, and 3rd place gets some AceBux for later use when the AceBux store opens up! The rules are as follows: --- 1. No inviting multiple fake accounts. 2. Invitee must remain in the clan for at least 5 days. 3. Do not interfere with other member's recruiting. 4. Refrain from "recruit stealing" (or convincing someone who another member recruited to use your code instead) --- Anyone caught breaking a rule will be immediately disqualified. Have fun! Good luck! And happy recruiting! Any questions please refer to myself or @ACE-Orca1
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  14. ACE CLAN OVERWATCH REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 201 Overwatch Bi-Weekly Promotions Hey Everyone, Blurry here to do Overwatch bi-weekly promotions for February Regarding the promotions, there are sadly no promotions happening this time as the activity from our NCOs haven't been quite enough to reach one. However, @RusoX and @Coala You guys are so close to getting promoted just get some more forum post in. Also I'll like to say to your new members don't forget to stay active on the discord and the forums to have a chance on becoming promoted to NCO next week! Remember to stat hydrated.
  15. These past two weeks I was caught with the flu which sucks, my bad that I wasn't as active as I usually am. I do not have any promotions for this week, please note to become an NCO you need 10 forum post we wanna make sure everyone is going to stay active and what not. Please spread the word of joining ACE clan, we're looking for any Rainbow player. I found an X-O worth the ages for Siege, he's in probation at the moment so in a month or so you'll be seeing a great leader around. Give a round of applause for @Duzou! that's all.
  16. Aw man, our only zoomer in CC stepped down Regardless, thank you for everything @Lycqn, I'll be sure to carry you even more in Apex! And welcome back @Shots.-.Fired!
  17. I have amended the original post to reflect @Lycqn's rank of Major.
  18. Love you @Lycqn and congrats bro @Shots.-.Fired let’s get together soon and work out a game plan between our departments
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