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    ACE CLAN ADMISSIONS DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 December 2019 - Final Admissions update @TrebleDelta requires more Forum activity for a promotion. PROMOTIONS Username Previous Rank New Rank @Bandito Private First Class Corporal @MumbleNGrumble Private First Class Corporal @Raidreborn Private Private First Class @TheOneAndOnly Private Private First Class DEMOTIONS / DISCHARGES Username Previous Rank New Rank @saperling Private First Class Private @LiteOfGod Private First Class Private @Openables Private Aux: Discharged @sparks_2691 Private Aux: Discharged @wynot Private Aux: Discharged @Noxious Blood Private Aux: Discharged @Viceroy Private Aux: Discharged @See me on yutub Private Aux: Discharged @TheHolyCrusader Private Aux: Discharged @Excete Private Aux: Discharged @FikiRafiki Private Aux: Discharged @Orgalorq Private Aux: Discharged @Flamzz Private Aux: Discharged @rock3t Private Aux: Discharged @tryhard s1ke Private Aux: Discharged @Sledgend Private Aux: Discharged @The_FlamaBlanca Private Aux: Discharged @tommykl Private Aux: Discharged @Such Wilderness Private Aux: Discharged @Relms Private Aux: Discharged @R3guL4r Private Aux: Discharged @SaveSavior Private Aux: Discharged @AcidicCactus Private Aux: Discharged @Seronical Private Aux: Discharged @mykakaym Private Aux: Discharged @hamme Private Aux: Discharged @DjWolf110 Private Aux: Discharged @Luzifer Private Aux: Discharged @Glock Private Aux: Discharged @Ace Snapp Private Aux: Discharged @GigglinGrandpa Private Aux: Discharged @Omtyckt Private Aux: Discharged @Milkdud214 Private Aux: Discharged @xM1getassassiNx Private Aux: Discharged @SnipingMaster03 Private Aux: Discharged @Fluvvy5188 Private Aux: Discharged @AxBolter Private Aux: Discharged @Atrix Private Aux: Discharged @Durigala Private Aux: Discharged @EthanIsNotMyName Private Aux: Discharged @YngSwifty Private Aux: Discharged @JJJ.Solar Private Aux: Discharged @Brecevac Private Aux: Discharged @Kixter2020 Private Aux: Discharged @XxTheLegend17xX Private Aux: Discharged Happy holidays, see you next year!
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    ACE CLAN ADMISSIONS DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Getting Started - A Guide for Enlisted Grade Privates & PFCs WELCOME Firstly, welcome to Ace Clan! This thread will cover most of the Frequently Asked Questions and will serve as a gateway for everything you'll need to find your way around the Clan and it's functions. Ace Clan abides by a military style structure in regards to departments, leadership and member ranks. As a new member, you will be a part of the Enlisted Grade, which only has ranks Private and Private First Class. Enlisted Grade is under the supervision of Admissions Department - the roster of the Admissions Department can be found on the website by clicking HERE. If you have any questions, they should usually be directed to any of the Admissions Department members, and you can also contact your Commanding & Executive Officers if you have any questions relating to your chosen regiment. Most of the information you'll find here has been already sent to you in a private message on the forums, but this thread will also cover some additional information. How to get promoted Roster updates occur every weekend, and they happen in a bulk. To qualify for a promotion, you need the following: Have at least 10 post count on the forums (keep in mind that spam will be deleted, so your posts need to have value and contribution to the ongoing topic) Stay active in both games and Discord (join in on ongoing conversations on Discord, share strategies, etc.) Fulfilling the two criteria will get you promoted in no time, and once you reach the rank of Corporal, you will join the Non-Commissioned Officers and will be under the supervision of your Commanding & Executive Officer of the game regiment that you've chosen upon applying to the Clan. Transferring between regiments If you choose to transfer to another game regiment, you can choose to do so by clicking HERE. Simply follow the pinned thread and make a thread about transferring to another regiment. The request will then be pending approval from both of the regiment Commanding Officers you're transferring from and transferring to, and if approved, will be then processed. absence request Going on a vacation? Heading out of state? Busy week with work/school? No problem! Simply put in an absence request by clicking HERE, fill out the small form and you're all set! Putting in an absence request will prevent you from being demoted or removed due to inactivity - but it will also prevent you from being promoted, as long as the absence is ongoing! Promoted to corporal, what can i do now? Firstly, congratulations on your promotion into the Non-Commissioned Officers! Reaching the rank of Corporal opens many doors for you! For example, you can now participate in many of our upcoming events & win awesome rewards, or you can join an auxiliary group, perform tasks and earn AceBux! To join an aux. group and start earning AceBux, check the job listings by clicking HERE! AceBux can be used to redeem many things, including discounts, games, etc.! AceBux are earned on a weekly basis, and the amount is determined by the Director of that auxiliary group. The Director determines if you've done a good enough job with your daily tasks within the group to receive the AceBux - if you haven't, then you'll be skipped; so make sure to do your assigned tasks regularly in order to receive rewards! Do keep in mind that AceBux is still being developed, the shop isn't yet open, but you can still earn AceBux and amass them to be ready when the shop opens up!
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    Congratulations to the promoted! Happy holidays!
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    ACE CLAN RAINBOW SIX: SIEGE REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 Rainbow Six Siege, Bi-Weekly promotion It's that time where everyone is looking forwards to, well, only the Siege and Cent Com people! Due to the winter break people weren't as active which is kinda shocking. So I do not have any promotions for these two weeks, for the new people. Siege has a PC, PS4 and XBOX teams, please text me your user name and server so we can set y'all up with a team. Each week I do expect 50 text, so I can promote you to your next rank. I do not have controls over big promotions such as Enlisted to NCO please be patient. ~Tyler.
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    ACE CLAN EVENTS TEAM OFFICIAL EVENT OR DRAFT EST 2019 Raffle Results Good day AceClan! Results are in Per @Expression93 First winning number drawn was 77. So Congrats to @Vitamin_CE and second number drawn was 13 so being the closest was @MIka LIten. Congrats you guys! Please DM me here or on discord to get your prizes sent out to you. Thank you to everyone for playing and look forward to next months raffle.
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    ACE CLAN COMMAND COUNCIL OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 POLICY 07 - Ranking & Promotions I. Policy The clan ranks will now represent the dedication and respect earnt though your career in AceClan. Ranks will not always necessarily mean authority over lower ranks, especially in situations where a Commanding Officer is lower in rank than a regimental member whom is receiving orders. The clan ranks will follow a military style structure, and to earn promotions, you must show dedication, commitment and time served in the clan. The Chain of Command will always take precedence over the ranking structure. Where a Commanding Officer issues orders to any member under their command, the order is deemed valid regardless of rank difference. Once you are promoted to a rank, that rank is permanently yours until you are demoted for breaking clan policies, or inactivity. You will no longer be demoted if you step down from a position such as Commanding Officer, Executive Officer. Positions within the clan are no longer represented by the rank that you hold. Probation periods will now be put in place. If you are appointed to a Commanding Officer role, you will be "Acting Commanding Officer" and will not receive your minimum rank promotion until after at least 1 month. Once you have passed probation period that was outlined by your Director, you will be promoted to the minimum rank requirement and will keep that rank permanently. II. Classification Debated and put into official order by Command Council on 19th December 2019
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    ACE CLAN OFFICE OF REGIMENTS OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Commanding Officer Promotions - CovfefeBoy, Tyler, oBIGRON Hello everyone! Today I would like to mention these three incredible members of the clan, who has continously worked hard and dedicated their time and efforts into the Clan. Thus, I believe they are well deserved of a promotion! As Commanding Officers, these guys have been amazing and I am incredibly glad to be working with them. Even if there were some tough situations, the three have always pushed through it and continued to amaze me. I know being a Commanding Officer can be a bit stressful sometimes but I can't imagine anyone else better than these members in leading their respective regiments as of right now. I'm excited to continue working together with you guys! Thank you for your time everyone @CovfefeBoyhas been promoted from Second Lieutenant to First Lieutenant, effective immediately. @oBIGRONhas been promoted from Second Lieutenant to First Lieutenant, effective immediately. @Tyler-has been promoted from First Lieutenant to Captain, effective immediately.
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    Thank you @Lycqn Love ya lots Congrats you guys!
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    ACE CLAN CALL OF DUTY REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 COD: MW Bi-Weekly Promotions We are back from break folks and ready for some promotions. Once again I just want to wish you all a happy new year and thank every member of the CoD regiment for being active and making this community great! We've got a bunch of active privates and I can't wait to keep growing with you all! That being said, here are our promotions: @hazynights92 is promoted from Sergeant to Staff Sergeant, effective immediately. @KEV1N is promoted from Corporal to Sergeant, effective immediately. Still looking for an X/O so please reach out if you're interested. I've gotten some interest from privates so hopefully you stick around to become NCOs so we can talk about it more!
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    ACE CLAN OFFICE OF REGIMENTS OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Escape from Tarkov - Trial Regiment Hello again! I would like to announce the upcoming new trial regiment I would like to introduce to the clan, Escape from Tarkov! I have seen numerous people getting together to play this game and I believe there are already five or more members interested. With the new trial regiment, there will be a Leading Member role available so if you think you'd like to become the (potential) future Commanding Officer and dedicate your time and efforts into making this an official regiment please DM me. Discord and Forum sections for this trial regiment will be up soon. Tech side will be done shortly! Thank you
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    I want to stick around a bit longer before donating. My last org I donated quite a bit, hosted tourneys and giveaways as well. I enjoyed helping out as a natural leader and son of an Army Captain, but things didnt work out in the end. Hoping this experience will be different
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    thanks for the promotion.. and sorry for the late response.
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    1, I love it when @Lycqn isn't bullying me
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    Great update. Too bad there's so many discharges once again.
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    Congrats to those that got promoted! Hell yeah! Double hell yeah!
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    Quickly edited his post for him, you're Master Sergeant now xD Congratulations to you both!
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    47, you can play csgo with elite players even if you are noob (like me) and still have fun and feel included
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    ACE CLAN OFFICE OF REGIMENTS OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 [Operations Demotion] Rainbow Six Siege X/O - the0_p I am sad to announce that the Executive Officer, Admissions Officer and Public Relations Member @the0_phas retired from the clan due to his desire to join a team dedicated to solely Rainbow Six Siege. I wish him good luck and the utmost success! Due to his retirement, he will no longer hold his positions. @the0_phas been demoted from Master Sergeant to Aux:Retired, effective immediately. @the0_phas been demoted as an Executive Officer of the Rainbow Six Siege Regiment, effective immediately. @the0_phas been demoted as an Admissions Officer, effective immediately. @the0_pis no longer a part of the Office of Public Relations, effective immediately. We will truly miss you and you're welcome back anytime!
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    We love you @the0_p best of luck with everything
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    Congratulations to the promoted! And to everyone else, keep it up!
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    ACE CLAN COUNTER-STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 Promotions Hope everybody had a great Christmas and New Year. I will not be doing promotions this week as i was barely here over this time. Keep your Forum/Discord activity up i'll be lurking. Clan scrim will be next weekend on Sunday 19th Jan. Anybody is welcome as it will just be between our clan. How this will work is. We will have two captains and each captain will take turns in picking a player at a time.. We then Veto a map. I want everybody within the regiment to attend this so i can get a good idea how everybody plays for future Tournaments and Scrims vs other clans. ALSO you are welcome even if CS:GO isn't your main regiment. Hopefully @CrazyShooter & @Expression93 can attend also to this event. Keep on that grind and keep that activity high. EDIT: Time on Sunday will more than likely be 8PM GMT. Everybody is expected to be in Voice chat for 7.45PM GMT.
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    Great! Now hopefully we'll get even more engagement into the game!
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    Hopefully the COD version is [ACE]TytanSlayer is acceptable....if not I can add it directly to my name if they allow me a name change
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    ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Director of Military Police When it comes to a large clan like Ace, there is going to be a lot of content, a lot of gameservers, and a lot of documentation to review. This opens up a position for Military Police. The basic description of the MP department is clan security. A collective group of members who have respect for the clan policies and for their superior ranking officers. The Director is responsible for the whole team below, and to open and review applications when required. The Director of Military Police is a member of Central Command, and will be promoted upon successful appointment to the position by the Commander-In-Chief and Executive Officer. Brigadier General The structure of the Military Police is different to other departments. There is a small ladder that members can climb to gain more authority and access to features. Due to the department giving out access to a lot of areas, a fair bit of training is given to new members. New members start as MP CLASS 3, and are only promoted once passing basic training. The structure of the MP department is: MP Command MP Class 1 (MP-1) MP Class 2 (MP-2) MP Class 3 (MP-3) Main duties of the Director of Military Police Patrol the Discord, pop into active channels and make sure users are not arguing or disturbing the peace. Monitor all the channels that you have access to, keep spam to a minimum, watch for betrayal and policy breaking. Remove all adverts for other gaming clans, communities from the forum and Discord. Monitor the forums, chatbox, website for malicious content, including spam. Once promoted to MP Class 2 actively monitor your assigned game servers for hackers, cheaters or abusers. Once promoted to MP Class 1 actively monitor all of the gameservers Ace provides for possible hackers, cheaters or abusers. Report directly to the MP Command if you find any Ace Member to be breaking rules or policy. Watch for any invasions from other clan, and keep an eye on the security of our clan. Should a merge with another clan occur, the MP Department is on high alert to make sure everything goes smooth. Monitor new recruits cautiously to make sure they are not performing clandestine operations or causing damage to the clan. The MP department is responsible for blacklisting and keeping logs of banned members from the clan. If any situation is declared an emergency, notify the MP Command AND Central Command as soon as possible. Overlook general security of Ace Clan, and protect the clan and its members from threats. MP Command has the authority to suspend any member of Ace Clan except Central Command. Once a member is suspended, an investigation is begun, and a result is then posted to the Commander-In-Chief. MP Command can then remove any member of the clan if justified and proof is posted for inspection afterwards by the Commander-In-Chief Job classification & superior officer Central Command Commander-In-Chief
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    After seeing an increase of members interested in Rust, I believe it’d be a nice idea. If it doesn’t uphold the activity we expect we can always just close it
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    21- i love how now I have teammates to play R6 with
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    2, I love the fact that I can find friendly team mates whenever I need them!
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    43, I love how you can be within a certain group and not have to worry about scrolling and being committed to the entire clan games rather than just being with one group.
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    I pick number 6. I like Ace Clan because of the 2 leaders, Expressions and Crazy, and only like ron a little Always enjoyed playing CS and Rainbow Six with them and Ronny boy.
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    ion have a laptop to edit stuff, so I was just gonna let it roam around till someone said something. love y'all. Tyler out.
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    18, and my one reason is @x_ForsakenGod_x Lol. The members and how “some” people carry
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    Hahah thanks @Lycqn I was going to mention it but I thought I'd see what would happen xD
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    All this wouldnt happen without you lovely Cent Com
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    I am welling up here seeing all these comments!
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    42, I like the fact of how active everyone is and we are all under the same idea of growing ACE and keeping that good name going.
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    29-LordEvi cant play CSGO BTW^ But i absolutely love how well we have all become like family. we have a great time all the time and its jsut a fun environment to be in.
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    75. I love how inclusive and inviting people are here.
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    41. The atmosphere that we've all worked hard and passionately to create.
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    24--Gotta Love rons csgo skills, Kappa
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    ACE CLAN OFFICE OF REGIMENTS OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Overwatch Regiment Hello! I am pleased to announce that the trial regiment Overwatch is now out of its trial phase! The amount of activity and members that seem to be involved has been outstanding and we can definitely see the potential it has in our clan. Hopefully the regiment will keep growing even more due to Overwatch 2 coming out soon! I'd also like to thank @O6Blurry, the Leading Member of the regiment for the work he has done so far for the regiment! The technical side of this change will be done shortly.
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