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    ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Changes in Central Command Due to taking on extra work load in his career, @Tyybud has requested that he steps down as Director of Regiments for the time being and take on lighter duties so that he can focus on his career. Obviously @Lycqn was appointed as Assistant Director of Regiments to help with the massive workload that the regiments require. The two positions are responsible for maintaining the biggest area in our clan, and ensure the activity of all Commanding Officers and Clan members. They have both done a fantastic job to bring in new games and boost the core game regiments that we started with. It is therefore apparent that the Director role needs to be filled ASAP to avoid any degrade in the regiments quality and keep a tight seal on our progress made in the past few months. Tyybud will still be around in the clan to help, but not in a Central Command position. @Tyybud will no longer be the Director of Regiments. @Tyybud has acquired a demotion from Major General to the new rank of Major. @Tyybud has been appointed as the Assistant Director of Regiments, effective immediately. @Lycqn will no longer be the Assistant Director of Regiments. @Lycqn will be promoted from the rank of Major to Brigadier General inline with the requirements for Central Command. @Lycqn has been appointed as the Director of Regiments, a Central Command position. We are confident that this role-swap will work in favor for the clan and all regiments, and look forward to new progress and a great future in the Regiments Department.
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    ACE CLAN FORTNITE REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 Fortnte Bi-Weekly Promotions Thank you everyone for another great few weeks. Clan is continuing to grow, continue to engage and make friends, dominate in the Battle Royals! There are many ways to rank in the clan, the most influential is via the forums. post on threads, make your own, share your in game experiences. We have had many new members join us the last few weeks and all are still enlisted and need to work on the forum requirements. Keep up the chat in Discord and continue to post in the Forums and by this time in 2 weeks we should start to see some NCOs!!
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    A damn good fucking choice, an outstanding member of the community. cannot wait to see what else you guys can cook up for Call of Duty!
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    Thank you! I’m honored to be chosen, I won’t let you down
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    What game computers do you have
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    Congrats both keep up the amazing work!
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    Congratulations @Shaneyboi1996! Im exited for what u and @CplRhino will come up with together!
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    ACE CLAN ADMISSIONS DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 December 2019 - Week 2 Admissions Promotions @XxTheLegend17xX & @Snort require more Discord activity for a promotion. PROMOTIONS Username Previous Rank New Rank @InsertNameHere Private First Class Corporal @hazynights92 Private First Class Corporal @Beast Private First Class Corporal @x_ForsakenGod_x Private First Class Corporal @saperling Private Private First Class @LiteOfGod Private Private First Class @KEV1N Private Private First Class DEMOTIONS / DISCHARGES Username Previous Rank New Rank @quickshot12431 Private Aux: Discharged @o3_rdh Private Aux: Discharged @OneVividShot Private Aux: Discharged @BigBoi69 Private Aux: Discharged @Psyphon Private Aux: Discharged @MpH Private Aux: Discharged @Juice_Parken Private Aux: Discharged @supersnake6384 Private Aux: Discharged @Punchy Private Aux: Discharged @Fuze Private Aux: Discharged @thebigcollin Private Aux: Discharged @DMA-Genesis Private Aux: Discharged @Tranquil3ty Private Aux: Discharged @EndmostGull Private Aux: Discharged @WH1T3B0Y75 Private Aux: Discharged @fxpa999 Private Aux: Discharged @SEIRRA6 Private Aux: Discharged @Chegguevara Private Aux: Discharged @flaxenflorizon1 Private Aux: Discharged @Navstar Private Aux: Discharged
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    Hey Guys! Do you want to be featured in some of our YouTube videos? All you have to do is send in your great plays or funny moments to the email: [email protected] Then you can be featured in a video! Please follow our Rules/Guidelines And specify the quality/game/frames in the email you send! Montages: Resolution: 720/1080p Framerate: 30 - 60 FPS Audio: No voices only In game Audio if possible! Music: No music added! Edits: No edits allowed on your own! Footage: Specify the game, but all are allowed! Funny Moments: Resolution: 720/1080p Framerate: 30 - 60 FPS Audio: Voices/Laughs and funny things are allowed! Avoid Racism/Sexism/Homophobia ETC! Music: No music added! Edits: No edits allowed on your own! Footage: Specify the game, but all are allowed! Those who submit the top plays of each week will be featured in that week's montage. The submitter for the Play of the Month will receive a special prize! The submitter of the Laugh of the Month will also receive a prize. Finally there will be a winner for the Play of the Year announced at New Year's Eve. Clan members will be voting to decide the winners of each category! Thank you for reading this and have a good day! - Social Media Team! P.S Special thanks to @JarJar for helping me put this together. Looking forward to lots of BM'ing and 360 no scopes.
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    So, you wanna feel special? Tired of no one being able to remember that *one* day out of the 365? Well have we got a solution for you! Starting today, you can set up birthday announcements through the clan's twitter! Now none of your friends will have an excuse for not getting you , , or . However, if you're one of those people who could care less about this day then thankfully for you, the choice is yours. You can choose whether or not to opt-in to these announcements. All you have to do is say so in the poll above! That's all for today folks. Thank you for reading and have a nice day! --- Social Media Team---
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    Congratulations man Btw if your free next week I’m happy to play most games
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    Congratulations! @Lycqn you are smashing it!
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    thank you for taking the time to lay this out. i will be looking for other ways to get the clan more involved. i think the biggest part is to get the members to feel more confident and improve
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    Congratulations to the promoted!
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    Through these two weeks the Siege regiments has shown a great amount of activity, as we all know or should know by now, Magnum walked away from the Clan leaving the X/O position which is open. Secondly this weekly promotions only has one unfortunately, @DanFo is currently a Sergeant and will be promoted too Staff Sergeant congratulations! Next up, we have @CAWGG. Currently a Corporal and will be promoted to Sergeant! Congratulations!
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    dayum!!! private to master srgt!!! congrats!!! keep up the good work
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    ACE CLAN OFFICE OF REGIMENTS OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 New Trial Regiments Hello! I am pleased to announce two new games that will be starting their trial in the clan. The two new trial regiments will be Overwatch and Grand Theft Auto (GTA), they were the most popular votes in the poll and we have seen some activity already in the #misc channel on Discord involving these games. There will be a thread for each of these regiments respectively as well as a channel on Discord for discussion. We would also like to mention that there is a new role available for these trial regiments, the "Leading Member" of the regiment. This role is vital for the progession of the trial regiment in order for it to become a permanent regiment. If you are interested, please send me a message via Discord. The technical side will be handled shortly. Thank you for your time
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    ACE CLAN RAINBOW SIX: SIEGE REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 Rainbow Six: Siege Bi-Weekly + X/O Promotion I've got two promotions to roll out this week plus! I will be announcing my X/O for the Rainbow Six Siege Regiment! @the0_phas shown great commitment to the Siege regiment and Ace Clan, he's always active and making sure everyone is doing great! He is the new X/O for the Siege Regiment! Congrats it was well deserved. @the0_ppromoted from Corporal to Sergeant First Class inline with the minimum required rank for Executive Officer, effective immediately. @GunshotXDwill also be promoted as he has shown activity and dedication, promoted from Corporal to Sergeant, effective immediately. Congrats to the both of you keep up the amazing work.
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    Thank you for everything you have done for the clan! And thank you for making my time here great so far! Hope we keep in touch in the future
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    ACE CLAN COUNTER-STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 CS:GO December Update Need more activity from members to be eligible for promotion. We have had a few new members join our regiment recently and to be eligible for a promotion you must meet the forum/discord post requirement please do so ASAP and be active as much as possible. As we do have new players this mean our time for scrims is going to be sorted. I think the best for everybody would be Saturday/Sundays at around 9pm GMT / 4PM EST Also to keep activeness up I'm going to do a bi-weekly event which is a must to be eligible for promotions more than likely will be over the weekend also. Games on CS:GO will be decided on the day. I will post a forum post this week on this. ~CSGO IS LOOKING FOR A NEW XO~ IF YOU ARE INTERESTED MESSAGE MYSELF ON DISCORD OR ON THE FORUMS TELLING MY WHY YOU SHOULD BE XO.
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    Appreciate everything, and look forward to still helping out. So proud of you @Lycqn and can't wait to see the regiments continue to strive under your command.
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    Congratulations Ron! Im really happy for u!
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    Huge congratulations! Proud of you guys
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    Congratulations! You've proven time and time again that you're a dependable person, so this promotion doesn't even come as a surprise - just hope you'll be able to keep up the good work with the added responsibilities!
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    Congratulations to the other promoted!
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    Better luck next time.
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    Congratulations soon you'll take over from @CrazyShooter haha Proud of you !
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    ACE CLAN OFFICE OF REGIMENTS OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 MineCraft Regiment Closure Hello everyone, After discussions with Centcom and myself it's come time to close the Minecraft regiment. As we realize there are a lot of options/modes people like to play on the server we've come to realize the demand isn't like it used to be. With that being said we can still offer the server as perk for fellow clan members if you guys would like. Looking for another regiment to put in trail phase so would love to hear your guys thoughts and ideas.
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    Woohoo!!! Thank you guys, love all of you!!!
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    I have watched this trailer so many times now, its fucking sick! Good job Reagan!
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    It looks really awesome. Well done with the editing. It will definitely give more members to the clan.