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    ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Special Promotion: Fortnite Commanding Officer Hello everyone! With Fortnite in need of a Commanding Officer for sometime now, I think everyone will be pleased that a new yet very qualified member has joined us and is willing to restore the glory the regiment truly deserves. As of now during probation period I will be doing a special promotion for @CplRhino. As of now he is the acting C/O for the fortnite regiment. Any questions or concerns can be directed to him. Congrats brother and I look forward to the success you will have with the regiment! @CplRhinohas been promoted from Private to Corporal Approved by myself. @CplRhinois now acting Commanding Officer for the Fortnite Regiment effective immediately. After his probation period he will be promoted to 2nd LT inline with the minimum rank required.
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    Congratulations! I look forward to see the Fortnite regiment growing with you as C/O :)
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