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  1. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Tremmert resigns as DoA This is not the sort of post that I like to be writing too regularly, but unfortunately from time-to-time people choose new paths and progress forward in ways we could not have foreseen and this is an occasion of it happening. It is with a heavy heart we announce the resignation of @Tremmert from the Director of Admissions role and due to his change in interest of games he will be leaving the clan entirely, this is not without us giving him a token of respect and showing appreciation for his work however as he has been given the membership rank of Clan VIP. Thank you Tremmert for helping us out for so long and persevering through thick and thin and I wish you the best of luck in future endeavors. With this we can confirm applications for the role will be opening, so if you are interested in applying please visit the link below: https://www.aceclan.org/applications/apply/centcom
  2. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 CovfefeBoy as DoR Hello everyone, Please join me in congratulating @CovfefeBoy on his promotion to the Director of Regiments role, we have taken a very careful and in-depth look at the situation overall with the clan and after lengthy discussions agreed with him a strategy for how he should approach the role and what we hope to see achieved in both the near and distant future. He is promoted effective immediately to the rank of Brigadier General and is placed on probation for a period of approximately one month.
  3. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF REGIMENTS OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 CSGO & GTA V - Regiment Closures Hello, It is with a very heavy heart that we officially today announce the closure, effective immediately, of both the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the Grand Theft Auto V (GTA Online) regiments. We are saddened to see the loss of 2 regiments at the same time, particularly as one is a founding game for ACE, but we have to accept that must move with the times and re-focus our efforts on the games that award us many members and lots more potential. Our Tech Services team will carry out the necessary work involved very soon and they will also be instructed to liaise with the small memberbase of the clan for those regiments to help them move forward, hopefully to a new regiment within the clan. On a brighter note let me take this opportunity to remind you that we are keen to hear from anyone of you that would like to open a new regiment (bring a new game to) in ACE and encourage you to get in contact using the form linked below if you are interested in doing this! https://www.aceclan.org/applications/apply/regiment-new
  4. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 ZzBlackVenomZz - Appointed as Acting Director of PR I am pleased to announce that after thorough deliberations between myself and @CrazyShooter we have come to the agreement that effective immediately, with a one month probation we are appointing @ZzBlackVenomZz as Acting Director of Public Relations and of course this comes with a promotion to the rank of Brigadier General to coincide with his probationary period. Please can everyone join me in congratulating him as well as wishing him luck to hopefully progress further within the role. We are of course looking forward to seeing what he brings to his new position within the Central Command team.
  5. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Tybud has resigned Over the last year of ACE we have met some truly fantastic people, we've brought together a community of hundreds of people and created a fantastic environment to kick back, relax and game in. We, the CentCom team, take real pride in what we have created but that could never have been achieved without each and every one of you. From time to time however, we do have those real shining stars, the people who have a genuine, passionate desire to help us with what we do here, and the person in the spotlight here on this occasion is @Tybud. He has brought an unparalleled level of support to ACE and its members and has been a real credit, but unfortunately we have to announce here that due to his personal matters he has decided to resign from his position as Director of Public Relations and his position within the clan as a whole. It has been a real honour and credit to have him as part of the team and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors, it goes without saying that he has been awarded the Clan VIP position as a small token of respect to what he brought to us and I am confident I speak for us all when I say that, should he desire to do so he will be more than welcome to return in the future. Thank you Tyler, you are truly someone special.
  6. You will be missed, it's a shame you had to leave. I am sure you will be welcome back in the future @ACE-Orca1!
  7. Please remember that you can copy your referral link from the Clan Area section of our main website, in the navbar when you're logged in. A recipient of a referral invite must do the below steps, in this order! Register on our website and login to their account. Click your referral link to load the enlistment application. Fill out and submit the form. They can verify the referral worked by checking the "How did you find out about us?" question, as it will say Referred by Username (the username the invite belongs to). If they click the referral link without being logged in this will not count towards your referral quota, we will not amend applications for referrals. Get them to follow the steps or it will not count.
  8. I have amended the original post to reflect @Lycqn's rank of Major.
  9. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Director of Regiments change-over. Hey everyone, We always come to points in time where major changes become appropriate to make for the sake of allowing ACE to continue to thrive like it has done for almost a year now. We are lucky that @Lycqn has been willing for as long as she has to look after all of our Regiments in her role as the Director, but now is a time where she feels it is best to step aside from the position and make way for a new person to take her place. I take my hat off to her in a show of respect for the tremendous effort, support and commitment she has given to Central Command and the clan as a whole and I look forward to her continuing her passions in her membership of ACE, within the Apex Legends regiment. I have included a statement below from @Lycqn with her reflections on her time within the role and where she sees herself moving forward: Without further ado we are happy to announce that the appropriately time return of @Shots.-.Fired gives us the perfect opportunity for him to pave the way forward. For many of you Shots' is no stranger and you'll be very much aware of his past experience in the same and similar roles to this, as such we wish him every success in his new appointment and look forward to what the future holds. I have included a statement from @Shots.-.Fired with his plans moving forward in the role: Therefore, effective immediately are the following changes: @Lycqn is voluntarily stepping down from Director of Regiments. She shall be placed at the rank of Major in the Apex Legends regiment. @Shots.-.Fired is promoted to Brigadier General and placed into the position of Director of Regiments.
  10. This is a fantastic time for ACE and I'm excited for what the future looks like.
  11. If the game does well for us we will consider hosting a second (or more) server, we'll stagger them out so that the timings of the meteor are a bit more reasonable. We'll also possibly look to allow play to continue for a "to be defined" amount of time after the meteor is destroyed so that people don't immediately lose stuff, but please keep in mind it is impractical for us to continue every server permanently.
  12. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Central Command Promotion - Tremmert & Lycqn As a follow up on the previously issued CentCom promotions we are pleased to announce that effective immediately the promotions of the above for their outstanding commitment to their role and the value they bring to the CentCom team. Effectively immediately, the below is issued: @Tremmert - Promotion to Major General. @Lycqn - Promotion to Major General. As a side note, please keep in mind as we move forward that any probationary period is something held on its own merit and as such is not represented by a rank. This means that passing a probationary period does not imply a promotion will be issued.
  13. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Director Promotions It is with great pleasure I announce to you all that we have two promotions to issue for our team of Directors er-go Central Command members. So can everyone join me in congratulating them below: @Humour - Promotion to Lieutenant General effective immediately. @Tyybud - Promotion to Major General effective immediately. We feel that since our last promotions both of the above individuals have truly excelled in their roles and I trust that they will continue to do so moving forward.
  14. There's no problem,. we aren't too fussy over the capitalization.
  15. Evidence of rolls: https://dale.aceclan.org/ShareX/raffle.mp4 https://dale.aceclan.org/ShareX/raffle-2.mp4