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  1. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Major changes to Clan Structure Hey everyone, as we continue to grow ACE we're learning new things every day, and whilst we want to always remain true to our founding principles we have realised that the previous approach to how we structured the clan, specifically with the senior roles, is just not suitable in gaming's modernised society. As such, we are implementing major changes, effective immediately, to how the clan is structured, the changes listed below may of course confuse many, but rest assured that the practical way in which this clan operates will remain the same in a lot of ways, we just need to make the necessary improvements. First off, the big change is the complete removal of the 3 main elements of our structure, this being: Office of Operations Office of Logistics Executive Cabinet The Departments that were previously below the above elements will now effectively speaking move up a level and each become independent roles reporting directly to me as the Clan Executive Officer, and in turn @CrazyShooter as the Clan Commanding Officer. This creates a bigger Central Command team, but due to the separation of the previous structure everyone will be able to approach their roles in a more focused manner, owing to the fact they will all only look after one Department. For most existing members of CentCom, this means no Operational changes to what they're doing, with 2 exceptions, as explained below. Director of Regiments - @Tyybud - Effectively speaking a new title, just replaces "Operations Officer". Director of Tech Services - @Humour - This is a new title, but also focuses his role by removing Admissions. Director of Content & Marketing - @Reagan - This is a new title, but also focuses his role by removing Military Police. Director of Admissions - @Tremmert - Some of you may know of Tremmert already, a long-term friend of both me and @CrazyShooter and one of the founding members of the clan, I am sure his return will bring big change to Admissions, and the clan as a whole. Director of Military Police - N/A - This Department is currently suspended until such a time as we require to implement it, currently we feel this is sufficiently covered by the existing team of CentCom and Regiment Command. A new Organisation Chart will be made available soon, and throughout the next few days all references to the titles will be changed. This is very much a coordinated effort, so please bear with us through this period. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask below!
  2. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Restructuring of departments So with @Reagan's recent return to the clan after his Leave of Absence period, we're pleased to announce we have come to a more-than-amicable arrangement with respect to roles being fulfilled. @Tyybud is remaining in the Operations Officer role on a permanent basis so you will all continue to see him fulfil the position he has been for the last couple of weeks. We wish him luck as he continues with this. @Reagan will - effective immediately - be taking the role of Chief of Staff, looking after the Executive Cabinet. As part of this we will be restructuring the Clan slightly with respect to the Admissions Department which will be moving Executive Cabinet -> Office of Logistics and the Content Department which will be moving Office of Logistics -> Executive Cabinet. The Military Police (Exec Cabinet) and the Tech Services Department (Logistics) will be unaffected by this swap. We are doing this because we feel it is in the clan's best interests, and it redistributes a more even workload between the CentCom team, as well as we feel the people looking after these areas are most suited to the revised structure.
  3. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Chief of Staff Removal Effective immediately @oBIGRON has been removed from his previous position held, as Chief of Staff. He has been placed back down to the previous rank held of First Sergeant. More details will be available soon for anyone interested in applying for the Chief of Staff role, in meantime if you are a Non-Commissioned Officer who is interested in this role please DM for more information about the role and it's requirements.
  4. Updated, not quite sure how I missed that one. Though as stated in the post itself, other tags are acceptable, but just aren't considered "official". You can find our steam group here: https://www.aceclan.org/nav?sendto=steamgroup
  5. This has been majorly updated to reflect our new acceptable standards. Please familiarise yourself with the changes!
  7. Thank you for completing this update on my behalf, @Humour.
  8. Of course... I know you like my lovin'...
  9. ACE CLAN ADMISSIONS DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Tyybud - Full position Will everyone please join me in wishing a round of congratulations to @Tyybud for his promotion to Second Lieutenant, with this promotion his probationary status for the role of Director of Admissions has now ended, and he will undertake the full duty of the role moving forward. We look forward to seeing how he helps us grow!
  10. Hey everyone, Just a forewarning that at 7PM UK Time tomorrow I will be changing the world claim plugin to Towny (from GriefPrevention), this means we will go from a block-based system to a chunk-based system. I anticipate approximately 30 minutes of downtime whilst I configure the plugin accordingly, and then I will be in the server to reserve space around the spawn area (majority towards the South and West). All other claims will be served on a first-come-first-served basis (unless evidence can be provided of previous usage of the chunk, e.g. existing buildings). (Tag for FYI: @Reagan @S0na @Teehee)
  11. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Director of Admissions - Tyybud Can you all please join me in issuing a congratulations to @Tyybud for his promotion to Master Sergeant, appointing him in a probationary period for the Director of Admissions role, myself and him will be working closely together in the coming weeks to ensure that the Admissions Team truly grows to handle the ever-increasing demand on membership to AceClan. Of course please remember that applications are currently open to apply for the Admissions Officer role, and this is a very good way to prove your commitment to the clan - please apply here: https://forum.aceclan.org/application/form/4-lo-admissions-officer/
  12. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Sponsors & Affiliates List Click the image above to use our referral link! TeamSpeak are a primary sponsor, including helping with competitions as well as giving us a free TS3 license! Click the image above to use our referral link, then choose how much to support us with during checkout! Humble Bundle sells games, ebooks, software, and other digital content. Their mission is to support charity while providing awesome content to customers at great prices. Our 10% Off Code: ACECLANORG Rogue Energy is a healthy energy & focus supplement created by Overpowered Labs. Their zero calorie, no sugar formula is the perfect alternative to sugar-filled, canned energy drinks and sodas. Our 10% Off Code: ACECLANORG Galvanized Grips sell customized controller grips, skins, and other cool items to enhance your gaming experience! Please tell Expression93 when you make a purchase using our code! Click the image above to use our referral link for $10 off every order. OPSeat produce premium seats for gamers! They defined, designed, and created an outstanding pair of gaming desk chairs that outperforms others at an affordable price.
  13. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Operations Officer Appointed! In what have become very challenging times we have had to make a number of very difficult changes to the structure of the Central Command team recently, to ensure that AceClan continues to prosper. Whilst I am not going to go into all details here, we have now come to a point where we are happy with our path forward, and as part of this path we have recently appointed our new CentCom member, @Reagan! Effective immediately he takes the role of Operations Officer for AceClan.ORG, and the rank of Brigadier General. He has a lot of goals and aims for the clan moving forward, and upon consideration of all applications received for this position he was considered best suited, because of past experience, knowledge and skills as well as things like time and effort that he will bring. This as always is on a fluid probationary period but with the nature of the Central Command role will be dealt with as a team regardless. We wish him luck in his new appointment, and I'll let him explain more below about his intentions. For those who also applied to this role, please do not feel let down, your applications will be held on file and we will reach out soon with other positions we think you may be suitable for!