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  1. There's no problem,. we aren't too fussy over the capitalization.
  2. Evidence of rolls: https://dale.aceclan.org/ShareX/raffle.mp4 https://dale.aceclan.org/ShareX/raffle-2.mp4
  3. The raffle has now been drawn by me. @Tyybud will announce the result soon, including a video with screen recording evidence using Random.org
  4. Reminder to @ACE_HVO, @Hanzsu and @Nix4o4 - please be sure to email your submissions to the email address provided in the previous posts. This will make life much easier for us to process them. Your current submissions have not been lost, but I have hidden them so as not to confuse others who visit this thread.
  5. 41. The atmosphere that we've all worked hard and passionately to create.
  6. As if you're any different... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Just like a bad smell.
  7. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Tyybud - Director of PR After lengthy discussions with @CrazyShooter we were both in agreement it was important to appoint someone to the role of Director of Public Relations, and as @Tyybud has expressed an interest in this role we have discussed the entire situation between us and come to the agreement that he would be a great fit for this role. @Tyybud has already more than proven his work ethic and commitment toward the clan, and has taken on board often very difficult feedback and always done the best that he can with the resources and information available to him. We trust that he will continue to excel in his duties with respect to the new position he shall fill. In many ways he already assisted behind the scenes, and now we feel it is time to make this a formal arrangement, so without further ado he is being promoted to Brigadier General in line with the requirements for a Central Command position.
  8. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 TheWhiteDragon - Director of PR Demotion It is with sorrow we have to announce the demotion of @TheWhiteDragon from his previous position of Director of Public Relations. After having completed his 2 week probation we are not satisfied with the results and hence we have made the difficult but necessary decision to demote him with immediate effect. This means he is going from the rank of Brigadier General to his previous rank of Sergeant. More detail will available in due course for those who may be interested in apply for this role.
  9. It doesn't cost us anything extra, we self-host from our dedi.
  10. It's a good type of game to support because all servers wipe regularly, unless it has changed, it happens on the first thursday of every month. My point being here that people are not tied to servers like they are in most other games of this genre.
  11. Remember everyone it would make life much easier for us to process these clips if you can email them to us at the address in the OP. [email protected]
  12. Would be keen to get @Lycqn's input here, I have started to configure a server for it but it's not got very much done right now. I'll happily continue if we feel it is worth the effort.
  13. Congratulations to everyone. Keep up the good work!
  14. Congrats to you both, well deserved... you are absolutely smashing it, as is all of CentCom, we operate with a really strong team and everyone is willing to get involved.