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  1. ACE CLAN OVERWATCH REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 Overwatch Bi-weekly Promotions First Overwatch bi-weekly promotions, One of the newest regiment with some of the more newer members. Regrading promotions, there are no promotions happening this month as activities from new members have been quite low and haven't been enough to reach NCO. However, @Coala, you are so close to being promoted and you've been the most active member in Overwatch this past week, keep now the good work. All the enlisted grade in this regiment, dont forget to stay active on discord and the forums (10 post) to have a chance to be promoted to NCo next week Have a good day everyone and enjoy season 20
  2. Found out about this rapper called 'Cal Scrubby' and i have to put him at my top 10 now his music is really addicting, does anyone else know about him?