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  1. Maybe it would be better to do 1 v 1 as opposed to teams? I have done a couple tournaments on a gaming website for apex and basically you would group up with your opponent and whoever did better in their game would move on to the next round. For example, 10 people sign up, a randomized bracket is set up. Johnny2toesPSN vs TimTimTimmehPSN squad up to do a match. Johnny gets 5 kills 800 dmg and Tim gets 3 kills 800 dmg, Johnny wins and moves on. The main difficulty with this is how to have the different consoles play against each other.. A possible solution is to have both PC player and PSN player Q up a game at the same time and record the game or post a screenshot from the beginning of the game and a screenshot at the end of the game, to show the same random teammates. If interested, you could look at the rules for the tournaments that playerslounge.co has and maybe adopt some of them.