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  1. ACE CLAN COUNTER-STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 CS:GO BI-WEEKLY PROMOTIONS Heyo guys it's your buddy DistnkY here, so there a very small problem So there's no one to promote.. but its only five posts you guys need to make to become Non-Commissioned Officers Not really that hard Just search up Motivational Lizard on YouTube.. Listen to what he needs to say and in no time you can come up with something trust me it works :DDDDDDDD!!! I better see some of you in the green Until Next Time.. Glowing Regards, plz tell me if i did a good job first time :DD
  2. Ima check if I’m available if I am I’ll give you a dm or call and inform you, see you there bro
  3. Grats mate.. you might be a basichsjabhcufb whatever thing, but we’ll always be the same skill level in cs boi
  4. Yay I got my rank back Ꮍ℮℮Ꮍ℮℮
  5. grats reh im much hap for you
  6. Same id love to play again lel..
  7. i find this idea lovely!!!! hope it works lol!