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  1. Congratulations to the promoted! And to everyone else, keep it up!
  2. Great! Now hopefully we'll get even more engagement into the game!
  3. Congratulations guys! And i hope everyone has a merry christmas!
  4. Congratulations dude! Looking forward to seeing the Overwatch regiment grow
  5. 69, I love that everyone is super nice to each other!
  6. Congrats Covfefe on the promotion! Also, thank you HVO for everything you have done for the clan!
  7. Eyy, congratz on getting back to CentCom haha! Keep up the good work, i believe in you!
  8. Thank you for everything you have done for the clan! And thank you for making my time here great so far! Hope we keep in touch in the future
  9. Congratulations to the other promoted!