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  1. Congrats Also, happy Christmas to everyone!
  2. 46 - I love the strong sense of community and a family type of atmosphere the clan has!
  3. Hahah thanks @Lycqn I was going to mention it but I thought I'd see what would happen xD
  4. Thanks @Tyler- it’s a pleasure working with you and I hope to continue to help out the R6S regiment of ACE in the future!
  5. Congrats @O6Blurrykeep up the good work!
  6. Thank you for your hard work and dedication @ACE_HVO and congrats to @CovfefeBoy keep up the amazing work!
  7. Congrats @Rooster12Gso well deservedkeep it up!
  8. Big congrats to everyone that got promoted. Keep it up!
  9. Thank you so much for everything @Tyybudyou have done an incredible job dude. Hope everything goes well for you in the future.