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  1. ACE CLAN CALL OF DUTY REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 COD: MW BI-WEEKLY PROMOTIONS This is first time handling promotions, so be patient with me. I am so excited on working as y'alls new C/O. If you have any questions be free to ask them. Congrats to these guys @TitanSlayer require more Discord activity for promotion. @SmokVaper236 is promoted from Staff Sergeant to Sergeant First Class , effective immediately. @Kishiyami is promoted from Corporal to Sergeant, effective immediately. Let me know if anyone has any questions!
  2. Congrats guys and for the most of y'all welcome to our not so humble community.
  3. Congrats brother you deserve this!
  4. Finally... I don't feel like as big as a noon... Congrats guys
  5. Thanks i wondering about this for awhile.