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  1. ACE CLAN CALL OF DUTY REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 COD: MW Bi-Weekly Promotions We are back from break folks and ready for some promotions. Once again I just want to wish you all a happy new year and thank every member of the CoD regiment for being active and making this community great! We've got a bunch of active privates and I can't wait to keep growing with you all! That being said, here are our promotions: @hazynights92 is promoted from Sergeant to Staff Sergeant, effective immediately. @KEV1N is promoted from Corporal to Sergeant, effective immediately. Still looking for an X/O so please reach out if you're interested. I've gotten some interest from privates so hopefully you stick around to become NCOs so we can talk about it more!
  2. ACE CLAN CALL OF DUTY REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 OPERATIONS DEMOTION It saddens me to have to announce that @x_ForsakenGod_x has left the clan for reasons that are as of now unknown. For this reason, he will be demoted and discharged. @x_ForsakenGod_x has been demoted from Sergeant First Class to Aux: Discharged, effective immediately. Call of Duty is hence now looking for a replacement as an X/O, if you're interested and think you're up to the task, please feel free to message me on Discord!
  3. ACE CLAN CALL OF DUTY REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 [Special Promotion] Call of duty X/O A few of you have shown interest in becoming the next Call of Duty X/O, and though I've enjoyed conversations with all of you, I've reached a decision. This member has been active, engaging, and shown a lot of initiative and drive for wanting to grow the regiment. It is my pleasure to announce @x_ForsakenGod_x as Call of Duty's next X/O. I am confident that together we can create an inclusive and fun environment for all members of the regiment! @x_ForsakenGod_x has been appointed X/O of the Call of Duty regiment, effective immediately. @x_ForsakenGod_x has been promoted from Sergeant to Sergeant First Class in line with the minimum rank the X/O position, effective immediately.
  4. @Tremmert I think you're mistaken I just promoted him to Sergeant lol
  5. ACE CLAN CALL OF DUTY REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 COD: MW BI-WEEKLY PROMOTIONS Thank you to all the regiment for being active and making it engaging and enjoyable for everyone! We have a lot of privates showing potential so keep up the good work and hopefully you'll be including next round! It it my pleasure to get to promote the following members who have been great members of the community and shown great promise! @hazynights92 is promoted from Corporal to Sergeant effective immediately. @x_ForsakenGod_x is promoted from Corporal to Sergeant effective immediately. The regiment is now looking for an X/O so if you're interested/want to know more please DM me.
  6. It was a great pleasure working with you @ACE_HVO as an X/O and am sure we'll continue to have a great time together in the regiment Look forward to working with the regiment to continue to make this regiment great! Thank you everyone
  7. Congratulations my guy! Very very very well deserved
  8. @Tyybud congratulations!!! .....on making up your mind.....
  9. Congratulations!!! Happy to see many more green CoD names heheh
  10. 3 is older than 4 and 6 ~but also no one plays 6 lmao~
  11. Thanks everyone! I look forward to working with HVO and making the CoD regiment fun for all :)))