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  1. Congratulations. I already know you're gonna take this far!
  2. ACE CLAN TECH SERVICES DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Closure of GTA:V and CS:GO regiments - Mass regiment transfer required Evening all, Due to the recent announced closure of the GTA V and CS:GO regiments, all members in those regiments will have to make a regiment transfer in this section here: https://forum.aceclan.org/forum/46-regiment-transfer/ This also applies to other members who wish to change regiment to another game, which is completely allowed and fine. I will now tag the members required to make such a transfer request as soon as possible: @Scraunch @duhtreebro @DeadDaylight024 @GubJr @Gughi06 @Beq - 爆头 @Misd @SSilverWolf @Sayajin @Mortag60 @galattik @Girori @Distnk Hopefully, this serves as enough information. If not, then please contact me through Discord or Private Message. Humour & Covfefeboy Office of Tech Services.
  3. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF REGIMENTS OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 UPDATE 14/MAR/2020 Hello, Today we have suffered quite a hit with the loss of Rooster12G as a commanding officer of the Apex: Legends role. He has chosen by himself to step down from his post and open up the vacancy for someone else to take up this role. Another hit was received when Shots.-.Fired also decided to step down due to a personal situation in real life. He can no longer be as active as he used to be up till this point due to a major change in his personal life that we will not disclose. We like to thank both Shots.-.Fired and Rooster12G for their valued service to the community and to help being a part of what we built in the past year. Greetings from Central Command, and enjoy your weekend. Humour
  4. Great update. Too bad about all the discharges.
  5. Heyy long time no speak!

  6. Good luck in your life, bro. Keep in touch and keep it real.
  7. ACE CLAN TECH SERVICES DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Inactive Discord user prune Hello all, Small update from the Office of Tech Services. Tonight at 7:30 PM a Discord prune was performed in which 257 of our dead weighted members (those who did not log in to Discord, type in the AceClan server or join voice channels in the last 30 days) were kicked from our memberlist. Most of these people were not part of our clan or used to be and were discharged for inactivity. Any questions about this can be brought up with me or Covfefeboy. If you think you were wrongfully kicked, then you are also welcome to message me at Humour#8888.
  8. ACE CLAN TECH SERVICES DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Appointment of X/O It is with great pleasure that I announce @CovfefeBoy as the newly appointed Executive Officer of Tech Services. CovfefeBoy will serve as the Senior Technician, effective immediately. CovfefeBoywill be promoted to Major to accomodate such promotion, effective immediately.