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  1. Can't wait to play with you all! (Xbox One players at least)
  2. It happens. Good job @Distnk! Come on guys, you can do it! Reach for the stars! ❤
  3. Congrats on the promotions! Keep up the good work!
  4. 42, I love that everyone is friendly and welcome!!
  5. I have Rust on Steam but i dont have a computer as of right now. If the server opens and there is activity i would love to play when i get one! I live survival games. Especially Ark: Survival Evolved. Let me know if it opens up and if it does i will work on getting a computer sooner. Also, ive only ever used laptops... I want to build a a gaming set up but i dont know what would be best.
  6. @Tyybud Congradulations!! I hope you enjoy your time in CentCom!