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  1. Congratulations @Reh Updated forum usergroup for promotion @oBIGRON
  2. Excited to see this regiment conquer!
  3. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 promotion & appointment Due to his amazing commitment towards Ace, Shots well and truly deserves this promotion. He has been with us for a very long time and has been in the eye of Central Command for quite a while. We have watched him raise a brand new regiment from nothing and turn it into the most popular in the clan. With this post, I welcome you to congratulate shots on his appointment to Central Command and to help lead this clan to new heights. @Shots.-.Fired has been appointed to Chief of Staff, effective immediately. @Shots.-.Fired has been promoted to Brigadier General, inline with the minimum requirements for Central Command.
  4. Hey and welcome to the Clan IVIVIVIVIVIVIVIVIVIVIVIVIVIVIVIVIVIV, Good to have you here
  5. ACE CLAN COMMAND COUNCIL OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 policy 05 - disrespect & ignorance I. Policy All members must give respect to fellow clan members, and even more so officers with higher ranks. When asked by Command Staff for details regarding official business, or for your input, you are to reply and give input at your earliest convenience. II. Classification If a member has been ignored for a period of more than 24 hours and it has been obvious that the other user has been online and active for a duration while not giving a reply. If disrespect is shown to any member from another clan member, and evidence is presented. III. Punishment No more than 2 official military police warning points.
  6. @Jamaro @DoomHEADSHOT @Dogelover5381 @Vlad @BigbabOuZa @angredcrown56 @habibomeiss This is a friendly reminder that your entries currently DO NOT COUNT. Please make sure you have completed both of the following by Sunday Morning at the latest. Be a clan member, you can still apply to the clan right now. Have 20 or more forum post count.
  7. -- CURRENT ENTRIES COUNTED ABOVE THIS LINE SO FAR -- Please make sure that you have 20 posts and are are a clan member. If you are still a visitor, you need to apply to the clan to be legible to win. You have 2 days to complete your 20 posts on the forum.
  8. ACE CLAN EVENTS TEAM OFFICIAL EVENT OR DRAFT EST 2019 rainbow six: siege competition Start Date Saturday 15th June 2019 Finish Date Sunday 23rd June 2019 Prizes 3 x Rainbow Six: Siege Steam Keys Limitations Clan Members Only Central Command Excluded How To Enter You must be a clan member. Reply to this topic with "Enter". You must have 20+ posts by the finish date to count. Rules On the finish date, the Events team will record a screen grab video, and generate a random number from Google. That number will correspond to the reply count to this topic. (EG: 5 replies down from the start). If that author has 20+ posts, they will be gifted a copy of Rainbow Six: Siege via Steam There will be 3 prizes to win. New members can sign up to the competition and enter once they are a clan member. Your first post will count as the position in the numbered list. What if I already have the game? You can still enter and win a key to gift to a friend of yours, what better way to get your friends to join Ace Clan to play some Rainbow 6 with us? Can I win all 3 copies? No, you can only win 1 copy. Can I enter if I only have 2 posts right now? Yes! As long as you have 20 or more posts by the finish date. CURRENT ENTIRES: Jamaro DoomHEADSHOT Shadow_Hopper Dogelover5381 oBIGRON Vlad LordEvi BigbabOuZa Cquatr angredcrown56 CerberusJRN habibomeiss
  9. Congratulations Sergeants!