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  1. @PYXIS Even I can't pronounce that, you can call me "Ive" or Furkan
  2. Hey guys my name is Furkan, I am 16 years old and I live in the wonderful country of Germany. Currently I am finishing my last year in the Realschule, which should be something like a high school for Americans, just to reapply for another school for higher education in economics and management etc. . I am a passionate gamer, I started playing games at the age of 6 on a Playstation 2 but what really got me addicted was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on PC, so I am really excited for the release of the new Modern Warfare. I am currently playing on the Xbox One ( switched consoles after PS3), I favor to play Rainbow Six but I am also actively playing games like Apex Legends, Battlefield 1, Fifa 19, Rocket League and PUBG. ( also League of Legends and Hearthstone on PC) I might not talk much not because I am shy, rather because I am the type of person which needs to get used to people but once I know you better, you'll definitively hear from me. I am looking forward to do great work and have fun with this clan Oh and also I am really sorry for my Nickname I know it's quite weird but I liked the look of it and never changed it after that. Xbox Gamertag : IYIYIYIVIYIYIYI