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  1. Do we need to get whitelisted for it? I play a ton of modded minecraft and some vanilla mc with clan friends sounds refreshing
  2. Thanks guys, let's get some ace clutches to celebrate!
  3. There's a separate tag for people who need discord activity, and I wasnt even mentioned in the post. Youd think if I needed anything I'd be mentioned
  4. Last week I was close to a promotion, all I was missing was forum posts. I got to 20 this week but I'm still a private, was I mistaken @Cquatr?
  5. Awesome, I'd love to rep the clan with a beanie in the cold Ohio winter lol
  6. We're always happy for more people and need one more for our ranked team so come and join us!
  7. Any possibilities for hats, Ballcap, beanie, or otherwise?