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  1. Welcome back to CentCom, have missed ya! Happy to start working with you Oh an a massive congratulations too!
  2. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF REGIMENTS OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 New Trial Regiments Hello! I am pleased to announce two new games that will be starting their trial in the clan. The two new trial regiments will be Overwatch and Grand Theft Auto (GTA), they were the most popular votes in the poll and we have seen some activity already in the #misc channel on Discord involving these games. There will be a thread for each of these regiments respectively as well as a channel on Discord for discussion. We would also like to mention that there is a new role available for these trial regiments, the "Leading Member" of the regiment. This role is vital for the progession of the trial regiment in order for it to become a permanent regiment. If you are interested, please send me a message via Discord. The technical side will be handled shortly. Thank you for your time
  3. Personally don't have Rust and haven't really played it however if people are keen to play on a Rust server I don't see a reason why. However I don't think a massive amount of players will sustainably uphold their activity on the server. Perhaps open the server and if the activity level is less than we anticipated then close it?
  4. It's been such a pleasure and a journey working with you, I will truly miss your presence within the staff department, I wish you luck in whatever you decide to do next. We have to for sure keep in contact in the future though
  5. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF REGIMENTS OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Fortnite regiment closure + New trial regiment suggestions Good day everyone, after some discussion, we have come to the decision to close the Fortnite regiment as we lack active players, activity in general and a Commanding Officer, and have found it difficult to find a long-term person to fill the position. All clan members who are currently in the Fortnite regiment must transfer to another regiment as soon as possible through this thread linked here. On another factor, as we have just recently lost two of our clan's regiments, we are seeking other games to trial for an official regiment. A poll above will feature our ideas, however, please let us know your ideas as well!
  6. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF REGIMENTS OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Fortnite Demotion I am sad to announce yet another Fortnite demotion due to @Shaneyboi1996 leaving the clan as he is dealing with his personal life and because of that, he is demoted as Commanding Officer and discharged. Due to the regiment never establishing a decent level of activity, we are closing the Fortnite regiment. Please check the other post in the Notice Board for more information. @Shaneyboi1996 has been demoted from Commanding Officer to Aux: Discharged, effective immediately.
  7. Congratulations! No surprise there Well deserved!
  8. ACE CLAN FORTNITE REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 Fortnite Bi-Weekly Promotions Finally, the last bi-weekly promotion for November is here! I am making this post on behalf of @Shaneyboi1996as he has just transitioned into becoming the Commanding Officer for the Fortnite regiment. After this post, I will entrust all future fortnite related posts to him. Regarding the promotions, there are sadly no promotions happening this time as the activity from our NCOs haven't been quite enough to reach one. However, @galattik, you are close to getting a promotion if you just bump your activity up a bit, and @RealMrMeteorjust became a NCO so there will be no promotion for him either. All the enlisted grade in this regiment, don't forget to stay active on the discord and the forums to have a chance on becoming promoted to NCO next week! Have a good day everyone!
  9. Congrats to the people who were promoted! Proud of ya
  10. Thank you so much for yet another opportunity, I won't let you guys down. Very excited and enthusiastic to work with you!
  11. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF REGIMENTS OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Fortnite Demotion On the behalf of @Tyybud, due to the unfortunate sudden leave of the Commanding Officer of Fortnite, he is demoted and discharged. The cause of him leaving is unknown however we were told that he was dealing with personal issues. We are currently on the lookout for a new spirited, engaged and committed Commanding Officer in hopes to increase the activity in the regiment so if you think you would be a good candidate, please do not hesitate to submit an application. Click here to apply. @CplRhinohas been demoted from Commanding Officer to Aux: Discharged, effective immediately.
  12. This was so sudden but i'm glad we have a Director of Public Relations now! Congratulations! Much deserved Dragon
  13. This was no surprise to me at all, well deserved
  14. Huge congratulations! Proud of you guys
  15. I'll certainly do my very best, don't be afraid to put more responsibilities on me :,) I'm a tank