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  1. Congratulations! Well deserved
  2. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF REGIMENTS OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Eco - Trial Regiment Hello! I am pleased to announce a new trial regiment: Eco! I've heard positive feedback about this game which focuses on shaping the world around you in a sandbox game. This game can be played in a multiplayer world which sounds great as this is something our whole clan can play together (sadly it does cost a bit). I'm excited for this to become an official regiment, I might have to get my hands on the game myself! Thus, the Leading Member position for this trial regiment is now available so if you play Eco and would like to help me make this an official regiment please let me know! Thank you!
  3. ACE CLAN OVERWATCH REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 Overwatch Bi-Weekly Promotions Hey guys! Sorry for the late promotion post, the CO had something so he wasn't able to do it, so i'm here to do them! The CO @O6Blurrywill do them from now on! I'm sad to say that there will be no promotions this week as all our members are still enlisted grade. Please make sure to get your forums post in to get promoted and make us proud. Thank you!
  4. ACE CLAN GRAND THEFT AUTO: V REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 Grand Theft Auto Bi-Weekly Promotions Hey! As this is Grand Theft Auto's first regimental bi-weekly promotion, I will be doing them this once as the acting C/O in probation @DeadDaylight024has been a bit occupied and would like to figure promotions out correctly till next bi-weekly. For the promotions, i'm sad to say that there are no promotions this time. All members of this regiment are still Enlisted Grade, so please - Privates and Private First Class - get your forum requirement posts and activity up so we can promote you to higher ranks soon! We're looking forward to your contributions Till next time.
  5. Thank you so much Congrats to you too bud @Tremmert!
  6. Congratulations! You're a great addition to the team
  7. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF REGIMENTS OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Commanding Officer Promotions - CovfefeBoy, Tyler, oBIGRON Hello everyone! Today I would like to mention these three incredible members of the clan, who has continously worked hard and dedicated their time and efforts into the Clan. Thus, I believe they are well deserved of a promotion! As Commanding Officers, these guys have been amazing and I am incredibly glad to be working with them. Even if there were some tough situations, the three have always pushed through it and continued to amaze me. I know being a Commanding Officer can be a bit stressful sometimes but I can't imagine anyone else better than these members in leading their respective regiments as of right now. I'm excited to continue working together with you guys! Thank you for your time everyone @CovfefeBoyhas been promoted from Second Lieutenant to First Lieutenant, effective immediately. @oBIGRONhas been promoted from Second Lieutenant to First Lieutenant, effective immediately. @Tyler-has been promoted from First Lieutenant to Captain, effective immediately.