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  1. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Heyo, what is up yall! I'm CAngler, also known as Angler I really should've done this when I joined, but I'm here now! I play Minecraft, Apex Legends, and I used to play CSGO but anyone who's played with me already knows that my aim is pretty trash. Also, expect lag whilst playing with me. I don't know how to fix it, and it annoys the heck outta me, but what can you do I'm a California girl, born and raised, and despite us being constantly on fire, it's alright here. I know a little bit of Thai and Lao from my parents, and I'm currently trying to learn sign language. And now to answer some Frequently Asked Questions from randoms I get on Apex Legends! - No, I'm not selling my bath water. - Yes, I am in fact a girl. - Why would I res you when you decided to drop halfway across the map at bunker while we decided to go hydro dam its not even that bad of a spot to land come on man stop screaming at us we're just trying to play some video games sTOP- - No, I won't send you toe pics. That's all from me! Can't wait to meet the rest of you (because I procrastinate and already know a bunch of yall)
  3. Looked at it earlier, you guys did a great job with the spawn! Wish I could build like that ;-;