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  1. Congrats @Humour and good luck in your "trial time".
  2. ty @Reh & @TheWhiteDragon already enjoying my time so far
  3. Got ranked up to Gold II - feeling good today 🙂

  4. Hei everyone My name is David "F0rce" Dodlek and I live in the beautiful Germany. Just 2 days before yesterday I finished my school/got my report. So now I'm free for a whole bunch of 7 weeks and thats where gaming is going to be my main focus. I played Fornite () for a year competetivly and was signed under a Organisation. I decided to quit the game because I just couldnt spend the time I had to to keep up with all the meta changes etc... I now decided to play Apex competetivly because I enjoy playing games where noone can build his base and camp the whole game in there. I joined ACE because I was searching for m8's to play with and be able to play under a clan-name again. It's just a nice feeling. I hope everyone has a great day, who decided to read this. Let's hope for a great future, David