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  1. Congratulations @magikmike!
  2. Woo girl power! (Late) Welcome!
  3. Howdy y'all, I'm happy to tell you all that thanks to the effort of @ChefHotshot, @Expression93 and @Cummie, the Minecraft server is all set up and ready to be used by Ace Clan members and guests. As an Ace Clan member on the server you get special privileges, a post detailing all of the differences between guest and Ace Clan will be posted in the Minecraft section of the forums in the next couple of days. To join us, the IP is play.aceclan.org
  4. ACE CLAN COUNTER-STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 Promotion With @oBIGRON being busy with personal commitments, @Reh will be taking over the Commanding Officer position within the CS:GO regiment. Myself and Reh will work hard to return the CS:GO regiment to it's once flourishing state! Look forward to seeing lots of GO activity in the coming weeks- and if anybody would like to help out or help Reh as an X/O please reach out to Reh! @Reh has been appointed to Counter Strike: Global Offensive Commanding Officer with immediate effect. @Reh has been promoted to Second Lieutenant inline with the minimum rank requirements for the C/O position.
  5. ACE CLAN RAINBOW SIX: SIEGE REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 Promotion @Humour will be taking over the Rainbow 6 regiment for a trial period of 4 weeks. Good luck @Humour! @Humour has been promoted to Second Lieutenant with immediate effect.
  6. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Demotions and Closures Hey everyone, In the last couple of weeks we have seen certain regiments flourish and others dwindle. Just because I'm announcing the closure of some regiments, absolutely does not mean we won't re-open them in the future. If anybody is interested in taking the leadership of any games mentioned below please send me a PM or fill out the trial regiment form! The most notable closure at this time is the League of Legends regiment. Despite being popular in the past, popularity has definitely fallen recently. The current League of Legends regiment members will be spread out as below: @Shadow_Hopper will be demoted from Second Lieutenant to First Sergeant and moved into the Apex Legends regiment under the leadership of @GHOST. Thanks for all of your hard work until now! @ChefHotshot will be moved into the Apex Legends regiment under the leadership of @GHOST. @LANX and @king will be discharged due to inactivity. Please message me if you would like to be re-instated. @Cummie's future regiment is TBD. The PUBG trial regiment will also be shut down from now. If anybody is interested in leading any new or existing games, please let me know! Just because the regiments are no longer official definitely doesn't mean they won't be played within the clan. As I'm sure many of you know, I play a lot of League of Legends myself!
  7. ACE CLAN APEX: LEGENDS REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 Promotion Congratulations to @GHOST for being promoted to Apex Legends Commanding Officer. I'm confident he will be able to grow the regiment to its fullest potential. GHOST will be working closely with his Executive Officer @Sir-Dome to increase activity and keep our members happy! @GHOST has been appointed to Apex Legends Commanding Officer with immediate effect. @GHOST has been promoted to Second Lieutenant inline with the minimum rank requirement for the C/O position.
  8. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF CENTRAL COMMAND OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 Removals Due to inactivity and not visiting the forums for 2 months or more, the following people have been removed from the clan. Please feel free to re-apply or contact me if you have a reason for your absence. @xRizenLord @Snapshot @CerberusJRN @Dogelover5381 @SirGuelph @TechAUmNu @ScareCrow @Widget26 @Vexen @PoundThatJonah @matyas24b
  9. Your Minecraft towers are amazing. 10/10

    1. WaldiWichtel


      hahaha thanks, took me a long enough time to build it xD

  10. Where do I see the map of the Minecraft server? 

    1. Cummie
    2. PYXIS


      Thanks c u m m i e

  11. Introducing... The Command Council. The Command Council is a very important element of Ace Clan because it is a channel for clan members (regardless of rank) to voice their ideas and suggestions away from Central Command. Council members will be able to represent their serving regiment and/or department in the council meetings. The Command Council will consist of dedicated and enthusiastic clan members who have genuine ideas on how to improve the overall experience of being a member of Ace Clan. The Command Council will meet once every month and members will be expected to bring a written up proposal of their idea. Members will then discuss the idea, and take a final vote on whether we will follow up with the idea. The proposing member is expected to take leadership on the implementation of the idea where possible. Central Command will not have a say in which ideas go ahead, within reason. If the idea is sensible, well thought out and realistic, it will go ahead without interference from Central Command. I will be leading the meetings but I will not be voting on the ideas. I am just there to co-ordinate and help with implementation. This is a really great opportunity and I really hope some of you are interested in putting the time into this role. It's a great way to separate Ace Clan from other gaming communities as you have the potential to make a direct impact on how Ace Clan functions day to day. If you are interested, please PM me, either on Discord or the forums, with details on why you would like to join the Command Council and a brief overview of when you're available for meetings. Once the members have been decided we will co-ordinate a time for the first meeting.
  13. I see you!