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Satori Komeiji

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  1. Hello! I'm Satori, 25 years old. I come from Latvia, the land of insanely good internet and not much more. I work full-time as a delivery driver for a workwear rental company, so I'm usually feeling quite dead inside during weekdays. I enjoy the comfort of being indoors most of the time. I watch anime, although not too much as of late. I listen to a wide variety of music - rap, hip-hop, metal (all kinds), j-pop, edm etc. I smoke (I'll be smoking between matches, deal with it ), enjoy cocktails, love the art of making (machining, welding, woodworking and general fabricobbeling), have dabbled in basic programming, tried my hand at drawing, web design, 3d modelling, video editing, so I have at least basic skills in that. Been gaming for as long as I can remember. The games I used to play, in somewhat chronological order - Diablo 2, CS 1.6 (was very competitive back then), Beatmania IIDX (for as long as there was an arcade in the neighbourhood), Quake 3 arena, Touhou Project, GTA SA and SA:MP, Path of Exile, Hearthstone (casually), GTA5 (casually). Now I play two games - osu! and Apex. All of my friends quit Apex after week 2, so I've been looking for people to play with long-term. Looking forward to playing with y'all. Oh yeah, if you're interested, I stream osu! sometimes. Sadly my PC can't handle streaming Apex. Saving up for some parts cause the oldest part in my system is like 10 years old by now. That's about it, now I'm off cause gotta get up in 6 hours