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  1. We love you @the0_p best of luck with everything
  2. ACE CLAN EVENTS TEAM OFFICIAL EVENT OR DRAFT EST 2019 Raffle Results Good day AceClan! Results are in Per @Expression93 First winning number drawn was 77. So Congrats to @Vitamin_CE and second number drawn was 13 so being the closest was @MIka LIten. Congrats you guys! Please DM me here or on discord to get your prizes sent out to you. Thank you to everyone for playing and look forward to next months raffle.
  3. ACE CLAN OFFICE OF PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR DOCUMENT EST 2019 December Raffle Hello everyone! Going to have a few different events going on this month but the first one will be a ''Raffle'' of sorts. So in order to be submitted all you have to do is comment on this post with a number between 1-100 and 1 thing you enjoy about being in AceClan. On December 23rd the numbers will be rolled and the two people closest to the drawing numbers will win Ace merchandise IE shirt/coffee mug. Best of luck to everyone! (Raffle is open to everyone clan wide) * If a CentCom member wins there will still be a additional 2 winners*
  4. Love and gonna miss u bro @ACE_HVO and congrats @CovfefeBoy Since your my bro too
  5. Thanks everyone, I just couldn’t stay away haha. Look forward to this journey.
  6. Thank you so much, it's been a honor and look forward to everything you have to offer to this great clan Haha, I'll be on this weekend to play with you and fefe and will be able to be on more starting next week so I look forward to that And also thanks for the kind words man. It's been a honor and am so glad we've become close friends and brothers