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  1. Thank you guys for welcoming me into the team and look forward to the growth going forward.
  2. That’s right, can’t stand Ohio personally though, that winter I was there was no joke, had to get back to San Diego
  3. Oh what, I live in San Diego too haha (Escondido) @Rooster12G
  4. That's not a problem will still be plenty of us to play with Welcome to the clan!
  5. I was beginning to feel like the only American haha
  6. USA here more precise, California
  7. Welcome to the clan
  8. Than you, Looking forward to helping the clan!
  9. If you're on ps4 feel free to add me so we can play PSN: Tyybud
  10. Welcome! I’m always on apex ( PS4 ) but nonetheless would chat anytime