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  1. You are being promoted to Senior Tea and Coffee Boy. Bring extra sweeteners starting from tomorrow.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Expression93


      Disgusting, you should be fired. Not one hot drink has been delivered since your promotion, the show must go on Señor!

    3. Cummie
    4. Cummie
  2. Where do I see the map of the Minecraft server? 

    1. Cummie
    2. PYXIS


      Thanks c u m m i e

  3. Think we can have both a modded as well as a vanilla server depending on how successful the regiment is.
  4. Your Teemo sucks

    1. Cummie


      General Statement regarding this bullying!

      Hello, Cummie GTB here. Do not bwully me please, I have feeling too ;-;


  5. General Statement regarding my promotion Cool, thanks Shadow!
  6. General Statement regarding the username associated with this account (31;5)


    Hello, GTB Cummie here,

    A certain new regulation within this estate has recently come to my attention and I believe it is appropriate that I should address the confusion that might occur with regards to my pseudonym - Cummie. 

    For those who might be unaware of this new regulation, it states, and I quote:

    • At no point in time; may a member of Ace Clan have any username that includes any foul language or anything that could be deemed inappropriate by the proper authorities.

    In order to prevent any confusions with regards to the connotations that my pseudonym might have, I hereby clarify that the username Cummie is merely an acronym for:

    C - The Associateship of

    U - Revolutionary

    M - Central

    M - Democratic

    I - Leadership under

    E - Cummie (Refer to the aforementioned acronym)

    and therefore has no inappropriate connotations.

    Thanks for your time.

    1. Expression93


      You're a nutjob, but I think I'm growing to like you... 🤣

  7. Hello, Its me Cummie GBT here. Again, I am glad that effort is appreciated within this estate. To express my gratitude I have got myself here a little song as a thank you!
  8. General Statement regarding the position that is the commanding officer

    Hello, Cummie GBT here once again with another General Statment (or G.S. as I will refer to it as from now on). 

    Today I would like to comment and criticize the upper administrative's decision in appointing Shadow_hopper as the commanding officer. While I have personally nothing against Shadow_hopper, and in fact is supportive of the decision this promotion, I would like to criticize the manner in which he was appointed.

    As the term 'appointed' implies, Shadow_hopper's position is not democratically elected. While some might say the end (in this case a capable commander) justifies the means, I must disagree otherwise. As both a member of the League of Legends department as well as being a strong advocate for democratic centralism. I strongly believe that future administrative positions should be filled with consideration of public consensus, i.e. open elections and nominations from those such a position are responsible for. 

    Once again, I emphasize that I do not disagree with this specific appointment but appointments in general.  While I understand that in the early stages of such an estate, the appointment of members into administrative positions is necessary, I wish such appointments as characterized by its synarchist nature will be gradually replaced by a representative democracy.


    In conclusion, I do not want shadow to be all smug just because he has a little more power than I do!


    1. Shadow_Hopper


      I shall take this as a congratulations post as you said yourself you are supportive of the decision. Also I may be "smug" because I have more power but I also have more responsibility as well.

    2. Cummie


      Yes congrats shadow

  9. Hello everyone, Cummie GTB here. Always honoured to see that my efforts are appreciated. As Hitler once said,“if you want to shine like sun first you have to burn like it.”, I will encourage further members to do the same. While it might take time and energy, all efforts will be rewarded in a fair society. Of course, one might ask, 'does that not contradict my ideology as I believe, after all, all are equal and should be treated equally?' I must disagree otherwise. Never have I said all efforts should be rewarded the same, and in fact, the polar opposite is true. In juxtaposition to what one might commonly assume, as demonstrated by the Stakhanovite movement, labour and work are what needs to be rewarded upon in a fair and equal society. Therefore, through this, I believe that this estate has demonstrated its fairness and its equality and I do and am commanding on this virtue. So, yes, do keep in mind that effort and sacrifices are required in order to progress. As Stalin starved those Russian peasants in order to industrialise, a comparable endeavour should be attempted. That's all folks!
  10. General Statement on my current position

    I have just been notified that I am relieved of my position of Chief Editor of this Estate,

    While I am sorry to inform you this and will still be continuing my general statements regarding different matters, I have now being appointed General Tea Boy.


    As GTB, I have the responsibility of tasting the tea before it is served to the public. By donating my saliva I will make sure that all tea is up to standard before it is served before our patrons.


    Hence, from this day forward, do refer to me as Cummie GTB.  rather than Cummie CE.


    Thanks for your time!

  11. A really nice and sweet plot of a Disney movie


    Once upon a time, there was a fair prince name Roe.

    While he was not the popular type, he was a kind, caring soul. 

    He has a friend or two and he was satisfied,

    Not knowing the special today had now arrived.


    In his view, Roe saw a fair and beautiful maiden.

    Never saw her before, she dressed in black like a raven.

    It seems her family was on exile from neighbouring land.

    Roe welcomed them with luxurious wine and dine.


    The not yet romanticised Roe fell in love in first sight,

    The maiden was pretty and dear with her skin snow white.

    She was thankful for the meal as her eyes became brighter,

    and Roe knew she was the one as his head grew lighter.


    Soon they made love through the evening all night. 

    In the garden of the palace with no one in sight.

    The maiden whispered and caressed Roe's below,

    while Roe shouted aloud as he had never felt as so.


    What Roe did not know was the people were starving,

    Eating the stocks of the trees while his royalties were dining.

    Soon showed up at the gates were a crowd of man,

    Covered in coal they were digging to the day's end.


    They shouted on the top of their lungs as they made their demands.

    They were unhappy, hungry and could no longer live off the lands.

    The prince and his advisors were tyrants they say.

    Taxing so much they could no longer give any away.


    Join the revolution, they convinced the observers,

    We wait no longer for reforms, nor hear the prince's orders.

    Ignorant of this Roe continued to sleep in his bed.

    Not knowing today is the last day before his palace is painted red.


    The crowd charges into his bedroom and grabbed on Roe's head,

    To the guillotine, they shouted, and off with his head!

    Alongside Roe, kneed down the maiden,

    She is a spy they pointed, a witch who turned craven.


    Before Roe eyes were the people he served,

    No longer a tyrant, Roe received what he deserved.

    With a clean chopping sound, his head fell on the ground,

    Taking one last breath, as the people were throwing his head around.


    The monarchy was abolished and a republic was established.

    Where one had equal rights as the elite, as the constitution had published.

    People were cheering on the street and you could hear the laughter.

    The nation lives on, and they lived, happily ever after.



  12. General Statement regarding 


    Howdy comrades! It's your chief editor here.

    As many of you might be aware, I will be making a list of my favourite comrades here. 

    But do keep in mind that this is objective and there is absolutely no bias on any of my choices and therefore do not argue with my choice.

    You are welcome!


  13. General Statement regarding the affair related to my manifesto


    This is an important statement and should be read aloud by the reader till the end.

    For correct effect, this statement should be read with the following music in the background: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPG_WUgHbis


    Hello my fellow comrades.

    It has been a while since my last appearance and it is a pleasure to be here once again. Many of you might have heard of me and know me personally as your chairman, premier and the general secretary of this estate, however do just call me your friend.

    It has come to my recent attention that my words, and my opinions have been misinterpreted and misunderstood by some as so called ‘spam’, however, this is most certainly not my intention and I here will offer my apology to those who are either effected or those who believed my behaviour was inappropriate.

    To demonstrate my resolve, I have prepared several actions which I hereby impose upon myself. Firstly, I believe it is no longer in the interest of the people for me to continue my position as chairman and premier of this estate. Therefore, for the benefit of my fellow comrades, I resign as chairman and premier and will nominate ChefHotshot as my replacement. I understand however, that this is merely a nomination and I believe that the actual position should be gifted to those democratically elected. Nonetheless, I personally and whole heartedly recommend ChefHotshot as my replacement as he is a reliable, kind and ideologically important, and therefore should me made a plenipotentiary under this estate.

    I will however, retain my position as chief editor of the propaganda department as I believe I have the ability to persuade and guide the proletariat towards the correct ideology and a glorious future.

    Secondly, in order to truly demonstrate my verisimilitude and the fact that I do not wish no intend my opinions to be interpreted as ‘spam’, I have imposed a personal maximum one post per day limit upon myself. Of course, this limit will not be imposed on my comments, however, I will not include any political commentary within my comments as this might be interpreted as inappropriate. I believe, through this, not only have I demonstrated my resolve in abiding the rules of the estate, I have also achieved the will of the people!

    Through this, we can achieve success, and through this we can achieve our beliefs that a League of Legends department is in fact, a necessity for our estate.




    Sneak peek into my next post: Tier list of Communist Leaders:

    S Tier: Leon Trotsky – As a true revolutionary, he was able to attempt to compete with the Evil leader that was Stalin. While failing in the end due to Stalin’s manipulations, I must applaud him for his resolve and he belief in the people.