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  1. 47, you can play csgo with elite players even if you are noob (like me) and still have fun and feel included
  2. Thank you Ron! GG WP to everyone And a special thanks goes to @meffin for teaching me the basics of CSGO settings and aim training, I wouldn't have achieved these results without your help.
  3. My exam session is about to begin. I'll always take a look at this forum, but I'll be inactive on both CSGO and FN until the end of January. I hope you understand.


  4. Thanks you anyway Lycqn Yes I know that I'm inactive on FN, I'm studying for exams. Moreover, I've just changed my setup with a larger mousepad, new gaming mouse and low latency monitor and I'm experiencing an improvement on CSGO, so in that little time I have I'm training on CSGO maps. If I reach gold before January I will request a regiment transfer, if not, I'll play FN full time.
  5. Congrats @Lycqn, thanks to you I left CSGO regiment btw cmon dudes, let's raise the flag of aceclan again!
  6. Thank you guys, congrats to everyone! Well it's a bit weird: I've just submitted my request for a regiment transfer is this promotion still valid? Btw you can invite me anytime unless I'm playing Fortnite with other members. Thank you guys
  7. Thank you guys! I'm having a lot of fun in here I hope to give you a hand with the tech service and some sections in the future. Congrats to everyone!
  8. Congrats to everyone! So close ahaha I'm sorry guys but I just realized that CSGO is not for me so I quit discord for a moment. You will find me in misc-games then