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  1. will there be a MP build up in the Clan ?
  2. 85, love the people in the clan like you big bro
  3. Congratulations do all who got promoted but also sad do see so many discharges again..
  4. Haha Congrats bro, i explain do you how retirements work next time we play lmao
  5. ACE CLAN CALL OF DUTY REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 Special Thanks from the Cod Regiment I personally want do thank u for everything u have done for us as Regiment and the Clan u have always been a very good friend and leader for all of us! Also in the name of the Cod Regiment i want do say thank you, the Regiment would have not been able do grow as well without you Standing by its Side and helping us all out! We will always be here if you need anything. And we will always be here for that Carry