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Code of Conduct

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EST 2019
Code of Conduct

This is written with the purpose to serve as a notice and reminder to all users of our services, clan members and guests alike. AceClan.ORG ("We", "Our", "Ace" or "Clan") provide these servers or services to you ("you", "your" or "the player(s)" et al.).

Everyone implies consent by using any of our services, ignorance is not bliss. The code listed below is a non-exhaustive list of how we expect the users of our services to behave.

  1. Follow the Chain of Command. The CoC is generally defined by the hierarchy of the rank structure, in some cases auxiliary roles may take priority (e.g. Military Police members). Generally speak, you should take issues to the C/O or X/O, and only if you reach a stalemate/deadlock situation should you go up the chain one level at a time until the issue is declared resolved.
  2. Show respect as you expect to receive it. Do not behave with malice (e.g. trolling, rude or discriminatory remarks) towards other players and then expect to be able to stick around. This applies equally to your fellow clan members, as well as guests/visitors to the clan or randomers you may be playing with. Be helpful to others in whatever way you can, do not disrespect them for thinking differently to you, or not knowing something you do.
  3. Take pride in your membership. Support the clan's image and make sure that others are doing the same, for this you are only allowed to be in AceClan - this means no multi-clanning. Exceptions are permitted (for example; clans in your native language - you must seek approval from your C/O BEFORE you join the other clan/community).  Displaying the clan tag is your choice, but please use it all the time or not at all (don't just display it when you are playing with other clan members). Do not put your personal agenda in front of the goals of the clan, you will naturally be rewarded if your contributions help others.
  4. Protect the Clan and its Integrity. Do not leech members or otherwise act in a way to encourage players to leave the clan. Pilfering members is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate, permanent exclusion from the clan's activities.
  5. Communicate and Participate. You are expected to spend a reasonable and proportionate amount of time being involved with the clan and its activities, or otherwise using its services. You should be on Discord regularly, and where applicable, playing on AceClan game servers.
  6. Be aware and Honest. You will be playing in an adult, mature atmosphere, by virtue of some of the games we play. You must also be of age 13+ due to legal constraints.
  7. Play fair and equal. Do not use cheats or assisted gameplay software, or abuse bugs or glitches to gain an unfair advantage over other players. It does not matter when or how you choose to do this, not even on HvH servers or non-secure servers. This extends to and includes the use of modified hardware such as Turbo controllers.
  8. Protect your personal information. Do not share specifics about your job or career (e.g. your job title is fine, but not the name of the company you work for), nor personal data such as home address or credit-card information.

Keep in mind that two wrongs do not make a right, just because someone else breaks our rules doesn't justify you doing so as well. We expect the players to be capable of using common sense, and seek help/guidance from those more knowledgeable at times where they are unsure.

As a wise old man once said "If it seems stupid, it probably is. If you're not sure, it's probably stupid."


Remember, AceClan.ORG or any of its member(s) cannot be held responsible for the things you do or the data you share. By participating with the clan in any form - be it as a member or as a guest - you agree to indemnify us from any and all claims that arise in part or whole from any cause or outcome that was not caused by our negligence.

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