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Recruitment Event

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EST 2019
Recruitment Event 


Hey everyone! I am pleased to announce that the first ever AceClan Recruitment Event is now under way! If you notice under the "clan area" on the website there is an option to copy a referral link. Using this link, we can track who invited who. And using this, we will be tracking referrals over the next 30 days. The 3 people with the most invites get prizes!! 
1st place gets an AceClan T-Shirt, 2nd place gets an AceClan Mug, and 3rd place gets some AceBux for later use when the AceBux store opens up! The rules are as follows:
1. No inviting multiple fake accounts.
2. Invitee must remain in the clan for at least 5 days. 
3. Do not interfere with other member's recruiting.
4. Refrain from "recruit stealing" (or convincing someone who another member recruited to use your code instead) 
Anyone caught breaking a rule will be immediately disqualified. Have fun! Good luck! And happy recruiting!

Any questions please refer to myself or @ACE-Orca1

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Please remember that you can copy your referral link from the Clan Area section of our main website, in the navbar when you're logged in.

A recipient of a referral invite must do the below steps, in this order!

  1. Register on our website and login to their account.
  2. Click your referral link to load the enlistment application.
  3. Fill out and submit the form. They can verify the referral worked by checking the "How did you find out about us?" question, as it will say Referred by Username (the username the invite belongs to).


If they click the referral link without being logged in this will not count towards your referral quota, we will not amend applications for referrals. Get them to follow the steps or it will not count.

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