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Official Clan Name and Tag Variants

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EST 2019
Official clan name and tag variants
As we continue to grow in size I thought it wise to set out a quick reference location of the officially endorsed ways to display the AceClan.ORG clan tag (or variants herein) in your gaming name/alias. I reiterate however, that it is not mandatory to display the clan tag, but where you do choose to do so we ask that you do it with pride and respect to this policy.
Officially accepted variants of our clan name or abbreviations thereof are as follows (in order of preference, and these are considered case-sensitive for a uniform appearance):
Officially accepted various ways to display the tag, as per context or use case (using any combination of the below brackets/symbols, with any variant of the tag above) - these are just examples:
[AceClan.ORG] Expression93
(AceClan) Expression93
ACE Expression93
It is important if you are asked by another player you clearly state the meaning of the tag - where it is not already obvious. Any other tag or "homebrew" variant of our name is not endorsed by us and this should be made clear to those who enquire about such tag's purpose.
Finally it is important that everyone remembers our official name is "AceClan.ORG Multi-Gaming" and the only officially accepted variants of our name are (in order of preference again) "AceClan.ORG", "AceClan" and "Ace Clan".
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