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description Admissions Department Commanding Officer (C/O)

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EST 2019


Admissions Team manages the Clan member intake. It is one of the most important departments in the Clan, as it is the lifeblood of the Clan. It's main objective is to bring new members in and review Enlistment applications, along with training the new Enlisted Grade members.  Admissions Department, along with it's regular members, has:

  • 1  C/O | Commanding Officer
  • 1  X/O | Executive Officer


These two positions are in control and manage the day-to-day running of the members and operations of the Admissions department. If Admissions is lacking a Commanding Officer, then any Admissions Team members are entitled to apply for the position. The minimum rank requirement for a Commanding Officers position is: 


Master Sergeant


Users can apply at any rank, but will be promoted to this rank if accepted by the Logistics Officer.



Main Duties of an Admissions Department Commanding Officer

  • Day to day running of the department, including activity and posting on the forums.
  • Make sure all members of your regiment are happy and understand how the clan works.
  • Recognize your members, and keep notes through the month of who deserves promotions or demotions.
  • Post weekly roster updates for all the Enlisted Grade members.
  • Track forum, Discord & game activity of all Enlisted Grade members.
  • Complete all internal Admission Team requirements - recruitment, application handling, training.
  • If no Executive Officer is present, open applications and appoint someone of your choice to be 2nd in command.
  • Post announcements, procedures, and rules of your regiment in your forums.
  • Follow up with Central Command once a month in a meeting regarding the development of your regiment.


  • Generally, your regiment belongs to you. There shouldn't be any need for any intervention from senior staff, and you are given free rein to lead your members and department as you see fit. Providing you follow Ace Clan rules and policies. The Logistics Officer will assist you in any way possible if required.



Job Classification

  • Area of Logistics


Superior Officer

  • Logistics Officer (LO)
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Changed prefix to Description - Cquatr appointed to ADM C/O

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