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Operations Officer - We're in need!

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EST 2019
Operations Officer Role
In difficult times, myself and @CrazyShooter are tasked with taking very carefully considered although extremely difficult decisions for the betterment of the clan, and we feel we have recently be drifting aimlessly in an ocean of gamers and clans, but now it is time to change. The Central Command team are the pinnacle of leadership for AceClan, it is our responsibility to ensure the clan continues to grow and thrive, more information is in the link at the end of this thread.
In this time of change we have unfortunately had to bid farewell due to time concerns, to our Operations Officer @PYXIS, both myself and Crazy wholly respect her as an individual and for the energy and drive she has brought to the clan, but we feel that to improve the clan's circumstances we need to appoint someone new. 
So without further ado, I offer out to everyone the ability of contacting me directly via forum PM or Discord, to declare your interest in taking over our Operations Officer role, do not be deceived - in times like this the role will be extremely challenging, but of course also extremely rewarding. It is important you read the below linked threads to gain a comprehensive understanding of where you fit in and what is required of you in this role. Additionally, in a measure that is unprecedented by our current standards, it is up to you to decided the format and content of your application. You will be put on probation, and given the full support to grow into the role, from both myself and @CrazyShooter, subject to passing this probation you will be appointed to the full role and benefits it brings (including Rank).

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