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Director of Military Police

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EST 2019
Director of Military Police


When it comes to a large clan like Ace, there is going to be a lot of content, a lot of gameservers, and a lot of documentation to review. This opens up a position for Military Police. The basic description of the MP department is clan security. A collective group of members who have respect for the clan policies and for their superior ranking officers.


The Director is responsible for the whole team below, and to open and review applications when required. The Director of Military Police is a member of Central Command, and will be promoted upon successful appointment to the position by the Commander-In-Chief and Executive Officer.

Brigadier General


The structure of the Military Police is different to other departments. There is a small ladder that members can climb to gain more authority and access to features. Due to the department giving out access to a lot of areas, a fair bit of training is given to new members. New members start as MP CLASS 3, and are only promoted once passing basic training. The structure of the MP department is:

  1. MP Command
  2. MP Class 1  (MP-1)
  3. MP Class 2  (MP-2)
  4. MP Class 3  (MP-3)


Main duties of the Director of Military Police

  • Patrol the Discord, pop into active channels and make sure users are not arguing or disturbing the peace.
  • Monitor all the channels that you have access to, keep spam to a minimum, watch for betrayal and policy breaking.
  • Remove all adverts for other gaming clans, communities from the forum and Discord.
  • Monitor the forums, chatbox, website for malicious content, including spam.
  • Once promoted to  MP Class 2 actively monitor your assigned game servers for hackers, cheaters or abusers.
  • Once promoted to  MP Class 1 actively monitor all of the gameservers Ace provides for possible hackers, cheaters or abusers.
  • Report directly to the MP Command if you find any Ace Member to be breaking rules or policy.
  • Watch for any invasions from other clan, and keep an eye on the security of our clan. 
  • Should a merge with another clan occur, the MP Department is on high alert to make sure everything goes smooth.
  • Monitor new recruits cautiously to make sure they are not performing clandestine operations or causing damage to the clan.
  • The MP department is responsible for blacklisting and keeping logs of banned members from the clan.
  • If any situation is declared an emergency, notify the MP Command AND Central Command as soon as possible.
  • Overlook general security of Ace Clan, and protect the clan and its members from threats.


MP Command has the authority to suspend any member of Ace Clan except Central Command. Once a member is suspended, an investigation is begun, and a result is then posted to the Commander-In-Chief. MP Command can then remove any member of the clan if justified and proof is posted for inspection afterwards by the Commander-In-Chief


Job classification & superior officer

  • Central Command
  • Commander-In-Chief
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