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  1. Fantastic decision from Cov, Crisp is going to do amazing things for the Siege regiment! He's a brilliant kid and will do well for the R6 regiment, good luck Crisp.
  2. ACE CLAN RAINBOW SIX: SIEGE REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 R6 Weekly promotions wow it's unbelievable what has happened just this month, the whole United States is under quarantine. but this will not stop us from gaming ladies and gentlemen! I do not have any promotions for these two weeks, i do look forward to working with the new enlisted. If you have any questions or comments hit me up, my discord is @|•Tyler•|#1541 something like that. Be safe y'all, remember use hand sanitizer!
  3. ACE CLAN RAINBOW SIX: SIEGE REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 Rainbow Six: Siege - Bi-Weekly Update Hello, it's me Tyler the C-O of the Rainbow Six Siege Regiment, as of lately there hasn't been any activity in the Siege regiment. I would like to blame that on me for as I'm not on like i should be, I do apologize to my fellow peers. Unfortunately I do not have any promotions between these two weeks, when I come off spring break I'll have another big post coming out. if you have any suggestions on how to boost the Siege regiment in activity etc. I would like to look into just casual 5v5 or even 2 v 2 between. the PC, XBOX and PS4. {I know they aren't cross platform.} anywhom have a great weak y'all, I won't be on Friday as well as I am attending my dad's wedding. if you have any question or comments, please text me I'll look asap.
  4. The two weeks are upon us for promotion week, I'm disappointed, all of our NCO's in the Siege regiment are really inactive. But the enlisted grade is being top notch, so cuddos to y'all. Unfortunately I cannot promote you guys, otherwise I would trust me. it takes 10 forum post, 10 text bubbles all it takes please get it done. ~Tyler.
  5. These past two weeks I was caught with the flu which sucks, my bad that I wasn't as active as I usually am. I do not have any promotions for this week, please note to become an NCO you need 10 forum post we wanna make sure everyone is going to stay active and what not. Please spread the word of joining ACE clan, we're looking for any Rainbow player. I found an X-O worth the ages for Siege, he's in probation at the moment so in a month or so you'll be seeing a great leader around. Give a round of applause for @Duzou! that's all.
  6. Unfortunately I will not have any promotions to hand out, everyone please get your forum post in so I can promote you!!! I look forward to see y'all at NCO, please! X-O position is closed, I will not be looking for any please don't ask.
  7. ACE CLAN RAINBOW SIX: SIEGE REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 Rainbow Six Siege, Bi-Weekly promotion It's that time where everyone is looking forwards to, well, only the Siege and Cent Com people! Due to the winter break people weren't as active which is kinda shocking. So I do not have any promotions for these two weeks, for the new people. Siege has a PC, PS4 and XBOX teams, please text me your user name and server so we can set y'all up with a team. Each week I do expect 50 text, so I can promote you to your next rank. I do not have controls over big promotions such as Enlisted to NCO please be patient. ~Tyler.
  8. ion have a laptop to edit stuff, so I was just gonna let it roam around till someone said something. love y'all. Tyler out.
  9. ACE CLAN RAINBOW SIX: SIEGE REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 Rainbow Six Siege Bi-Weekly Promotion The two weeks are upon once again, exams are rolling out for schools across the nation and oh boy! The jolly man is coming around giving us Christmas presents, with thus being the week before Christmas I will be leaving all next week leaving The0 in charge. Please treat him well and respect him like y'all do me, to my next subject! Two promotions will be rolling out: @Teehee will be promoted from Sergeant to Staff Sergeant, effective immediately. @the0_p will be promoted from Sergeant First Class to Master Sergeant, effective immediately. Congrats on the promotion and keep up the amazing, work! Also the week i return I will be announcing big plans for Siege regiment focusing on PC, y'all do great on exams and have a jolly Christmas!
  10. ACE CLAN RAINBOW SIX: SIEGE REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 Rainbow Six: Siege Bi-Weekly + X/O Promotion I've got two promotions to roll out this week plus! I will be announcing my X/O for the Rainbow Six Siege Regiment! @the0_phas shown great commitment to the Siege regiment and Ace Clan, he's always active and making sure everyone is doing great! He is the new X/O for the Siege Regiment! Congrats it was well deserved. @the0_ppromoted from Corporal to Sergeant First Class inline with the minimum required rank for Executive Officer, effective immediately. @GunshotXDwill also be promoted as he has shown activity and dedication, promoted from Corporal to Sergeant, effective immediately. Congrats to the both of you keep up the amazing work.
  11. Through these two weeks the Siege regiments has shown a great amount of activity, as we all know or should know by now, Magnum walked away from the Clan leaving the X/O position which is open. Secondly this weekly promotions only has one unfortunately, @DanFo is currently a Sergeant and will be promoted too Staff Sergeant congratulations! Next up, we have @CAWGG. Currently a Corporal and will be promoted to Sergeant! Congratulations!
  12. ACE CLAN RAINBOW SIX: SIEGE REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 Bi Weekly Promotions: Unfortunately we do not have any promotions for this week, @DanFo, @CobraCW, let's get this activity up so we can promote you guys to the next rank. that goes for the whole Siege regiment as well, I also would like for the Siege Regiment to have at least 50 text between the two weeks. then I will promote you guys to next rank.
  13. ACE CLAN RAINBOW SIX: SIEGE REGIMENTAL UPDATE EST 2019 R6 X/O Changes: Due to activity @magikmike will be demoted relieving him from X/O duty. Which brings me to my current X/O position, effective immediately. @MAGNUM1601 will be the new X/O, he has shown great potential to me, he's a hard worker. He still is The R6 Comp leader as well, Congrats to Magnum. @magikmike has been demoted from the X/O for R6 effective immediately. @MAGNUM1601has been promoted to the X/O position for R6 effective immediately. Both members rank will stay the same.
  14. Huge moment for me, in the Rainbow Six Siege Regiment! If anyone has questions, come contact me on Discord @ACE-ANTICHRIST


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      Well done mate!